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    Default booster for Toyota Tacoma

    Help, we have a Toyota Tocoma ext cab. And it is set up to install one car seat in the rear, but now we have two kids. So I need to find a booster for my 5 year old and a shallow seat 10" which means we need a booster 13.5" or less if I did my math right. By the way we only use this truck with children every month or so but it would be nice to fit all 4 of us instead of driving two cars. Also I don't think that I could fit in the back seat.

    Traci mother of two

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    Default RE: booster for Toyota Tacoma

    It's possible that the Turbo Booster would fit there...I think the Blue "lacrosse" version has a seat about that deep. I don't know if the same rules apply to boosters, though, about 80% of the seat being on the vehicle seat...I hope it works that way!

    One seat that might work, though it's not my favorite and won't really last a long long time, would be a booster by cosco (Im SURE they are cheaper in real can probably find one to measure at walmart)
    Or maybe this one, I've seen it for $28 at Toys R Us

    If you have headrests that work with a low back booster, then the safety baby Polo should be shallow enough

    Post back if you find something that works!

    Julie CPS Advocate and mom to 2 in seats

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    Default RE: booster for Toyota Tacoma

    Thank you for your help. I will go check out the babytrend

    We have the burgandy Turbo booster and it fits pretty close. It is about 15" with only a 3 1/2 - 4 " overhang almost 80%. I think we have the same cosco but different fabric and it overhangs about 6". we also tried one similar to the Nana by evenflo but my sons head up where the window is.
    But I have emails in on rules and will see.
    I wish car manufactures would stop putting seats in cars that no-one can safely/legally use. I have an extra rear facing seat in my car that will fit 2 children up to 50 or so pounds each with a low back and since you cannpt put a carseat in a rear facing seat and children in our state have to be in a seat till 60 pounds so I really have 5 person not 7 person car. Sorry for rambling

    Mother of two in carseats also

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