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    thinking_pink Guest

    Default New Graco Turbobooster

    Has anyone tried the new graco turbobooster? What do you think? I need to get 2 boosters for my husbands car and we want to get the seat before the vehicle, so we can tote the seats around while truck shopping

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    uccomama Guest

    Default RE: New Graco Turbobooster

    The Graco TurboBooster is a very nice belt positioning booster, but before I could recommend it for your particular needs, I would need to know how old and the height and weight of the children using them. It doesn't have an adjustable seat, so some larger children find that it can be too cramped, also some have complained that their legs "fall asleep". Having said that, Graco has increased the size of the seat, so this may no longer be a problem.

    Also, best practice is for children under 40 lbs and whose shoulders are still at or below the top harness height and whose tops of ears are still within the shell of the car seat should remain harnessed.

    If you don't know, Graco has just come out with new fabrics for the TurboBooster that look really nice! Here's the link to the new ones on Graco's website:


    MSRP: $99.99


    MSRP: $69.99


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    Coquette87 Guest

    Default RE: New Graco Turbobooster

    I think that I looked at this seat for our son and I don't think it had the anchor system. Can anyone verify that? I could put it in our older car without anchors but since the new car has them, I want a seat with them.

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    toomanystrollers Guest

    Default RE: New Graco Turbobooster

    Tess rides in a Graco turbo booster - just the bottom part (@ $19 at Target). She's 48", 53 lbs. and fits very nicely in it.

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    Default RE: New Graco Turbobooster

    If you are using a belt-positioning booster, none of them have anchors - they are just for seats that have a harness. HTH!!!

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