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    Default Booster vs harness clarification

    So - I was all ready to purchase the Britax Parkway until I decided to check out these boards - now I'm just a bit confused as to what type of seat to choose.

    My 3.5yo is 41" x 41lbs - the new seat will be installed in my Lexus GX470, and the current seat (Britax Wizard) will move to my husband's car for occassional use.

    I was really hoping to get him in the booster for many reasons - but mainly hoping this would be our last car seat since it will take him to 100 lbs (we plan on keeping him in a seat 'til he's at least 8yrs). Anyway - since my car has side airbags/curtain and he sits in the middle (there is a shoulder strap belt) would the booster be an "OK" way to go - or should I reconsider another harnessed seat? His Britax Advantage was in my DH's car - but DS has outgrown that one so the Wizard will move to his car since it has a small back seat (Cadillac CTS) - which BTW - would a booster seat be safe to use in DH's car, too?

    Am I headed in the right direction or do you recommend a different solution?

    Thanks soooo much!


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    Default RE: Booster vs harness clarification

    Why not put the Wizard in your car and the booster in DH's car for occasional use? That way he's harnessed (and safer) for most of his riding around.

    Beth, mom to older DD (8/01) and younger DD (10/06) and always missing Leah (4/22 - 5/1/05)

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    Default RE: Booster vs harness clarification

    Just want to agree...generally keeping him harnessed more often is a better way to deal with it. However, given a much safer car versus a much less safe car would be a factor (I put my Husky in my Ford Aspire for my 7 yo, and the Bodyguard in the Minivan for him!).

    Most important is whether he sits properly in the booster ALL the time. If a trial run is a failure, then go back to the WZ full time.

    Having older kids and seeing just how long (if ever) it takes them to be mature enough to sit properly in a booster, I'm leaning more and more towards recommending Huskies or MA/WZ for kids as young as your ds is. (I've been through the wiggly preschooler stage, partly in a turns me into a yelling nervous wreck :P )

    Julie CPS Tech and mom to 2 in seats

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    Default RE: Booster vs harness clarification

    Thanks Julie & Beth for your suggestions - I'm really glad that I check out this board before I made my purchase. It never even occurred to me that DS would sit any differently in a booster than his harnessed seat - I was getting excited over the Parkway's cupholders & the extra seat space :o :o

    I'll go ahead w/the Parkway purchase and just see how DS does in it - but will keep it in DH's car & keep the Wizard in my car a while longer :-)

    Thanks again for your help!


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