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    Default 5pt harness in a booster seat??

    Hi! I'm starting to research what car seat to buy next, but I should have at least 6 months, maybe even a year? My son is now 20 months old but is already 35 pounds and 37 inches. He's at the top slot in his Britax Marathon. Daddy is 6'5" so I'm expecting his height to continue. Other than the Britax Husky, are there any seats for tall toddlers that have a 5-pt. harness? I really would like a narrower seat. I'm hoping to have 3 kids eventually and don't want to have to worry about squeezing all the seats in. (And the Husky is huge!)

    I noticed on another thread someone reccomended a booster that you bought will a seperate harness system. I can't remember the name, but it could be used in cars or busses. Is this fine for a 2 year old? Any other suggestions?

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    Default RE: 5pt harness in a booster seat??

    I know it sounds totally off the wall crazy, but I really think you have at least 2 years left in that Marathon. At this age, those stubby little legs start sprouting, and torso growth almost stalls, and he's going to fit in that seat till 49 inches, just like loads of other tall kids who still fit in that seat at age 6 (scroll down a picture or two on this page )
    There's really nothing any taller than the Marathon except the Husky. Maybe you can re-evaluate your situation and new seats in a year or so and see what's out there then? Even the small ride safer vest would be too big on him now, I'm sure, but there are some other harness options at if it turns out you actually have to squeeze 3 kids into your current car ;)
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