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    Default getting in of booster by herself...

    We recently took the harness off my 5yo dd's platinum (I think) graco combo seat because she has just reached 40 pounds. She has been harnessing herself for some time now and is getting VERY frustrated that she can't do the seat belt by herself. She tries but she can't reach down far enough. Is there anything I can do to try to help her? She is very much at the stage "I can do it by myself" and I'm starting to dread getting in the car this week because she is getting so upset, actually crying yesterday because she couldn't click the seat belt. I'm being patient and letting her try (sometimes for a few minutes) and then just tell her "It's ok, you'll get it if you keep trying" but it seems there might be something I'm not doing right. I see other kids jump right in their cars and securing the seat belt with no problems.

    Any advice out there??

    dd#1 2/01
    dd#2 12/03

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    Default RE: getting in of booster by herself...

    Do you think she'd let you hold the part of the seat belt that is in the seat. I don't know what to call it. The part that you put the seatbelt into, the buckle I guess. Maybe if you hold it still and up a little higher she'll be able to click it and then with a little more practice she'll be able to do it by herself. If you think about it it really is a three handed job that you just have to learn to do with two.

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    Default RE: getting in of booster by herself...

    My dd is 4.5, 46 inches and 46 pounds and has been riding in a booster (first Turbo, then Parkway) off and on since she reached 40 pounds at about 3.75 years old. She STILL cannot buckle herself, at least not unless I help. And that frustrates her, too. She is also a sensitive girl, crying when she gets too upset. This is one of the many reasons we chose a higher weight limit harnessed seat for her--it was easier on all of us. She can buckle herself in the harness and I just need to reach back from the front seat and tug the harness adjuster to make sure she's tight enough. Most of the time we don't tighten or loosen it, she only wears one layer of clothing and a thin fleece jacket regardless of weather, so it works out for us.

    I wish I had some magical tip that will make it easier for you guys, I'm sorry. :o(

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    Default RE: getting in of booster by herself...

    I've seen kids doing it, too, though most of them twist the belt and the belt ends up too loose because the parents don't snug it up....

    I don't know how they magically do this... my 6yr old still can't buckle himself in a booster unless I hold the shoulderbelt out for him and keep slack in the lap belt till it's buckled, yet he can buckle himself in his Regent with no problems, then loosen and unbuckle when we get there... all I have to do is tighten him.

    even my 4.5yr old, who can't buckle a booster, either, can buckle himself most of the time in the Husky and can unbuckle once I loosen him, though he can't undo the chestclip.

    I think harnessed seats are just easier.


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    Default RE: getting in of booster by herself...

    Poor kiddo (and poor mama!)... My ds never, ever wanted to buckle his own harness or seatbelt till he was at least we had fights the other way, where I'd be begging him to at least try! My dd was much, much better at buckling her harness, and has a bit of a harder time with boosters (she's 6 now and it's still a little tough)...fortunately, she doesn't mind when someone helps her.
    Maybe you can work out a deal of some sort with your DD that you can help her for now, and in a month she can try doing it again?
    Julie CPS Tech and mom to 3 in seats

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