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    Default suggestions on next seat for almost 3 y.o. fairly tall boy

    I have been reading and reading and I still cannot figure out which seat to get next. My son is 35 months old, 37 1/2" tall and about 33-34 lbs. He is in a Roundabout and his shoulders are at the top slot now. I was going to keep him in it until he surpassed the slot but then two days ago, the button that releases/unlocks the straps came out of the seat somehow. So now the straps are tight and non-adjustable, but still useable while I decide what to get next.

    After all the reading I've done here, I definitely want to keep him harnessed as long as possible. So I know I could go with one of the bigger Britax convertible seats but I am really loathe to have to buy another seat in a few years. Maybe this is why I am having trouble choosing this next seat. I was hoping it would be our last seat and therefore I am unsure which to get as I don't see any convertible seats rated very strongly anywhere.

    We have an '05 Honda Element so I think the Apex would work okay. My son's weight gain is very slow but he grows like a fiend height-wise. I am not sure of his torso height, I will measure that tomorrow.

    I am okay spending $200+ if it is the last carseat I will have to buy (i.e. harnesses for a long time and then becomes a good, safe BPB). If I have to buy a seat for now and then a BPB in a few years, I'd really like to stay at $150 or less if possible and still have a good, quality seat. I have loved the RA, I only wish I had known to get a bigger Britax when I bought the RA and then I wouldn't be in this boat.

    Thank you so much!


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    Default RE: suggestions on next seat for almost 3 y.o. fairly tall boy

    I meant I haven't seen any combination seats rated very strongly, not convertible.


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    Default RE: suggestions on next seat for almost 3 y.o. fairly tall boy

    I'd definitely contact Britax about that stuck adjuster button 1-888-4-BRITAX.
    The Apex is good (fine as a harnessed seat or a booster)...or how about the Recaro Young Sport? It has tall top slots and becomes a *really* nice booster later (scroll down a few pages, there are quite a few posts and reviews on it). Or go all out on a Regent and you should be able to keep him harnessed till he's 9 (when it expires) and then get a $13 backless booster later.

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    Default RE: suggestions on next seat for almost 3 y.o. fairly tall boy


    Thank you for the reply. I did find a store nearby that had all three carseats so I tried my son in the Apex, Recaro YS and a Regent. The Regent by far had the most room to grow height-wise. Then we got back to the car and I remembered reading in some post on the board to make sure it was the actual slot that was at shoulder height, not the slot in the cover. Lo & behold, the actual slot is a good inch or more above his shoulders. So looks like we will make it in the RA for awhile more, yay. I am going to get a new cover for it though! LOL.


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