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    Default Marathon vs. Decathlon

    I'm trying to decide between buying either the Marathon or the Decathlon for my 8 month old son (he was 20lbs. and 28 inches at his 6 month appt.)

    Any advice? Major differences between the two??

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    Default RE: Marathon vs. Decathlon

    the major differences are that the Decathalon has added padding, which is fabulous for a newborn, but unnecessary and, by the age of your baby, would not be of use.

    it has a different forward facing lockoff which is just awful... don't know why they messed with the beloved lockoff for forward facing we have on the Marathon, boulevard, and on the discontinued wizard.... it doesn't hold the belt well and those who have the seat and have tried it ff with seatbelt (which you have to do at some point, since latch only goes to 40/48lbs) hated it

    the push button adjuster is not like the easy one on the RA... it's basically like they put it over the MA and the button is supposed to do what I do with my hand... lift the lever... makes it harder and people have complained about the harness adjuster on the decathalon.

    it doesn't have the bars on the side... it has one strap of latch, like the roundabout... I prefer the two-straps on the bars... easier to get snug.... but that's not true for everyone.

    other than that, the seats are identical.

    I don't like the Decathalon, except for a newborn who needs the extra padding, but I'd be tempted to order it separate from britax and put it on the MA.... I love my MA.

    But my top pick is the Boulevard... no-rethread harnesses, wings for true side-imact protection, and a great body pad for extra padding/lumbar support for those who need/want it.

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