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    Default Jogger For Travel?

    For a trip to European cities, someone recommended to us that we take a very lightweight, foldable jogging stroller. The person said that such a stroller would be sturdier on old, cobbled streets than a travel umbrella-type stroller. What do people think of this idea?

    We don't have a jogging stroller now. Isn't it hard to steer them? Wouldn't a light one still be bulky (thinking about the plane ride -- would we check it?)


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    Twinner Mom Guest

    Default RE: Jogger For Travel?

    It could be a good idea, as long as you can find one that folds easily. You can use it in the airport, then gate check it when you board. They will give it back to you when you leave the plane and you can use it to get through the airport on the other side. For the cobble stone streets, you don't really need a jogger, but I would recommend something with wheels that are somewhat larger and more sturdy that the typical umbrella stroller. The smaller the wheel, the more likely it is to get stuck in the cobbles. The larger wheel will also make for a smoother ride for your baby. A jogger is not really necessary, but something with good wheels is. I took our Combi Twin Savvy to France this summer and it did okay (5.5 inch wheels with independent suspension). Slightly bigger wheels would have been easier though. Good luck and bon voyage.

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    tinwhistle Guest

    Default RE: Jogger For Travel?

    thank you for your very helpful response!

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