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    How would you compare Maclaren's Quest stroller vs its Techno? Does the Techno fold like an umbrella stroller? I like the Quest that I saw, but thought maybe the techno has more features. Am looking for an umbrella stroller with the most features. What do you recomend? Should I worry about Maclaren's wheel problems? What are the weight limits on these strollers?

    Tropics Mama

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    "How would you compare Maclaren's Quest stroller vs its Techno"

    Basically at the core they are the same, the techno is the more upgraded featured model, it offers bigger wheels, bigger hood w/rear zip off panel & sun visor, multiple hood pockets as the techno reclines more and has adjustable handles, their is spec rundowns on maclaren site.

    "Does the Techno fold like an umbrella stroller"

    yes it does

    "What do you recomend"
    Depends greatly upon what your after & somewhat the age of the child, for instance the quest is not suitable for a newborn, i have had both, the techno XT is too tall for me as a shorter person ;)

    "should i worry about Maclaren's wheel problems"

    Well with the techno it is an issue, i don't know honestly, i believe maclaren has made some comments on their site about techno wheels..i suppose as long as one buys one through a shop willing to help? in case the problem crops up.

    "What are the weight limits on these strollers"

    All maclarens except the Mac3 hold 40lbs.

    HTH :)

    ~Pamela Mom Of 3

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    Default RE: Quest vs Techno


    Thanks so much for your detailed response. I think I will go with the Techno and make sure that it is through someone who is willing to help. I did read the Maclaren response on their web site and they are refitting the strollers with new wheels.



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