I have narrowed my search down to these two, but am having trouble locating detailed info about the Transit Deluxe. I have found dimensions, weight, materials, etc, but can't find anything in regards to harness type, windows/mesh/UV protection, pockets, etc. Does anyone have one that could help me out?

I realize that Chariot and Trek bike trailers are made by the same company. Is there a Chariot that the Transit Deluxe closely resembles that would work for comparison purposes?

I can get a new Transit Deluxe for $300. Before this deal came up, I was leaning towards the Chariot Corsaire. I'd like to put them 'side by side' as best I can before I make a decision. This will be primarily used as a bike trailer; haven't decided yet if we'll get a stroller conversion kit or not.

Any other thoughts? THANKS!!

Mary & Lane 4/6/03
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