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    PennyS Guest

    Default InSTEP double joggers

    With the nice weather on the horizon, I am looking into buying a double jogger. Do not want to spend a huge amount of $$. Have just checked out the new 2005 InStep KA285 in both the 5K and 10K version. Does anyone have experience with either? I am not a jogger. Will mainly be using it on walks and some easy hiking. Is there much differnce between the 5K and 10K.

    Also, if anyone has other recommendations on double joggers, they would be most welcomed. TIA for any help!

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    rrmitch2000 Guest

    Default RE: InSTEP double joggers

    Hi -- I just bought a Instep Safari TT double. It has the front swivel wheel which makes it very easy to manuver. You might want to test drive some various models since the fixed wheels are really meant for true jogging. It becomes very annoying to pop the wheelie every time you need to make a turn. Also, you can lock the front wheel on rougher terrain. If you have a Baby Depot near you, they often stock the Safari as well as some other models with fixed wheels.

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