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    SDMom Guest

    Default Power Touch vs. Leap Pad?

    I'm considering giving either the Fisher Price Power Touch or one of the LeapPads to my children for Christmas.

    DD is 4 1/2 years and DS is 33 months. I think that it would be best to get the same system for both kids so that they can share books. Also, I'm expecting that DS will want to use big-sister's toy if it is at all different than his own.

    The age range for the Power Touch almost accommodates both, but the choice of books seems limited. I'll be able to get a better fit age-wise with LeapPad, but am wondering how long DS will use the My First LeapPad before outgrowing it.

    Any thoughts?

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    lukkykatt Guest

    Default RE: Power Touch vs. Leap Pad?

    Someone gave my older son (4.5) a LeapPad as a gift. My younger son is 2 and plays with it more than his brother. I don't know anything about the FP, but if you go the LeapPad route, I would skip the My First LeapPad, and get the regular LeapPad.

    There is enough variety in the books that it accomodates both ages, and it is not at all hard for my younger son to use. FYI, you can get packs of 3 books at BJ's for about $20.00.


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