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    Default Fisher Price digital camera for Todders!! Anyone have this?

    X-posted in BabyBargains Around the House forum.

    This is fairly new but not sure when it came out. I was hoping someone here has one and can review it.

    From the FP website:

    The Kid-Toughâ„¢ Digital Camera features:
    - 1.3� color LCD preview screen
    - Two-eye viewing which makes it easy to look through the viewfinder;
    - Sturdy, dual handgrips for a steady shot;
    - Big buttons that make it easy for little hands to use;
    - Controls are simple for kids to understand – no reading required;
    - Built-in auto flash;
    - Stores over 60 pictures, with 8 MB built-in memory;
    - SD memory card slot (SD card sold separately);
    - 640 x 480 resolution;
    - USB cord for computer connection;
    - CD of digital camera software;
    - Wrist strap.

    Camera compatible with Windows ’98 or higher and MacIntosh. Requires 4 "AA" (LR6) alkaline batteries and includes 1 lithium (CR2032) battery. Available in Blue # J8209 and Pink #J8210.

    Photo software requirements:
    OS Windows 2000/ME/XP
    Hardware: Pentium Class 500 MHz processor or better
    75 MB hard drive space recommended

    FP retails it for $70, WalMart (online) has it for $60 but only in pink


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    Default RE: Fisher Price digital camera for Todders!! Anyone have this?

    OMG, it is so adorable. Wonder why Walmart only has it in pink, I need one in blue.


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    I purchased the FP digial camera for my son for Christmas last year. I found it on sale @ Kohl's for $20. Quite a deal, as the camera in my opinion is way over priced. My son was 2 1/2 when we gave it to him but a little young for it I think. You have to hold the camera very still for 1-2 seconds in order for the picture to actually take. The resolution is pretty poor so don't plan on actually uploading the photos to save. He loves carrying it around now at 3and taking pictures, and he can review them himself and recall what the photo is of. The screen is actually a decent size, but the numbers(to count the photos) show up on the screen are big and block a portion of the photo. I think it's a great toy, but I wouldn't pay full price ($50) for it.

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    My SIL got this for our almost-3 year old, and he loves it! If you make sure you're getting the newer model, it has a high(er) resolution setting and takes a card. We got a 1 GB card at for $10 shipped, and voila, he can take 2000+ pictures. He figured it out really quickly, and the thing is pretty bombproof. I'd recommend getting the camera case at the same time (we haven't yet), because it can collect grime.

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    My 4-year-old got this about a year ago. He loves taking photos with it. We haven't uploaded any photos to our computers, but he seems to have a good time taking pictures just like his dad, who is a professional photographer.

    BTW - we used to let him use my point and shoot digital camera. Then he dropped it and broke the lens. The $50 for this camera seems like nothing in comparision to what it cost to replace my camera.

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