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    Default Floor covering for art area

    My basement play area is all Berber carpet - not fortunate enough to have a tile or laminated area for DS's future art area. I figure I'm definitely going to need some carpet protection!

    I'm wondering if you creative types have come up with solutions to this dilemma. I'd like to be able to have a table and chairs, as well as an easel all set up in one corner area. I guess I'm thinking I'd like something 6x6 or even 8x8. I was thinking maybe an office supply hard plastic floor mat - you know, like what rolling chairs go on. But does anyone know if you can get them that big?

    Thanks for any help!

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    raynjen Guest

    Default RE: Floor covering for art area

    My suggestion would be a piece of vinyl flooring - check out local flooring specialists or Home Depot/Lowes for remanents, ends of rolls, etc. Since you won't be gluing it down you will probably need to let it flatten out for awhile before using it. If you put a non-slip carpet pad (the kind they make for throw rugs) underneath it will most likely stay put.

    We just used a shower curtain (heavy duty vinyl) whenever we did art, but I didn't have room for a permanent art area - we painted in our living room.

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    Default RE: Floor covering for art area

    I just let my DD paint sitting on the floor on top of a 2.00 vinyl tablecloth that I bought at Target. It wipes clean after each art session and thick enough that nothing seeps through. Best if used on a hard surface rather than carpet, though Berber is fairly flat. You could even get one for each child to have their own art space.

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    Default RE: Floor covering for art area

    I like the vinyl tablecloth idea for inexpensively protecting the floor during painting sessions. I purchased vinyl tablecloth material from a fabric store to use on my kitchen table when we have messy play (ours is Pooh fabric, but there are a lot of fun choices).

    In our playroom, we covered our ceramec tile floor with primary colored, interlocking rubber squares. My mom used this same material to cover the carpet in the kids playroom at her house. The squares are about 2ft x 2ft. We trimmed some of the squares to provide 'wall to wall' covering. Two of my friends used the squares to cover the concrete in their basement playrooms. We purchased our squares at Sam's Club, but I have also seen them at Lowes and HomeDepot. For the most part, we keep the tiles clean with the vacumm and occasionally wiping down with 409 or Mr. Clean. About once a year, we take the squares outside and wash them pretty good. We have had no messes leak down to the protected floor underneath.

    They are made of the same material as the Alphabet/Number tiles. If you are happy with the dimension of the alphabet/number tiles and don't want to cover a bigger area, this could be a fun flooring. (I decided against this style because I didn't want my kids removing the letters and numbers and turning the floor into a puzzle).

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