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    DDplusTwinsMommy Guest

    Default Looking for Halloween Costumes...

    I am looking for sheep/lamb sized 24-36 mos for my twins to go with DD who wants to be Bo Peep. I've looked at Lillian's Kids, One Step Ahead, and a few other sites/catalogs. Any suggestions - other than making them, which I could I'm just lazy :) !!

    Thanks In Advance!

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Looking for Halloween Costumes...

    I haven't been there yet this year, but last year I saw some adorable stuff at good prices at Walmart. Mervyn's (if they are close to you) also has some nice costumes that usually go on sale in early October.

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    Dorothy Guest

    Default RE: Looking for Halloween Costumes...

    I just received my order for our 18 month old boy/girl twins from Lands End. They had really cute fleece styles---I got a tiger and a dinosaur, and they are well built, will be warm---a plus in the Chicago weather, and inexpensive compared to some catalogues I looked at---especially Lillian Vernons which was waaayyyy over priced! Only $20 per suit which was within my budget. I'm also too inept, and too busy to make my own :-) If your interested you'll find them in the Lands End Kids catalogue.


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    suzska Guest

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