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    brubeck Guest

    Default Bicycle recommendations?

    We are thinking of getting Amy a bicycle. She has never had a trike but she has used them at preschool and enjoyed them. She is so steady and tall even the ped said to go right for the bicycle with training wheels.

    So any recommendations on good brands? Amy is 41 inches tall (or so) and will only get bigger. I would prefer a gender-neutral style so Andrew can use it too. I was thinking of 10" or 12" wheels so it wouldn't be overwhelming for her.

    Any thoughts?

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    raynjen Guest

    Default RE: Bicycle recommendations?

    No recommendations, but I wanted to tell you that she'll have no problems. We go 'test ride' the bikes at our Toys'R'Us (they have an area for this - we aren't the crazy people you see careening all around the store running into displays) all the time. Noelle (who is small) can use the bikes just fine. In fact she has less problem with the bikes than her trike at home!

    The Japanese bikes for little kids all have handles on the back (kind of like some trikes) so that the parent can push when the kiddo gets tired. Despite this we will probably end up getting Noelle a cheapo bike from the BX (Huffy). It's really hard to justify spending $70 for a bike that she won't use very long when we can get one for $30.

    Jen in Okinawa
    Mom to Noelle (2 1/3)

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Bicycle recommendations?

    Well we ended up getting her a 12" Dynacraft Bike (marketed under Magna). The Schwinns looked really nice but they were $80 and this one was $40. We are realistically looking at getting 4 years out of it (2 for Amy & 2 for Andrew) and we don't think we would need to replace it during that time. I was able to use my TRU coupon for $10 off so that brought the price down further!

    Amy took off on it! We put it together and she was immediately riding it around the house on the carpet. Then we took it outside and next thing I knew she and her Dad were out of sight! Yesterday she rode it to and from the park. It's amazing how quickly she picked it up.

    Oh and the metallic fushia helmet with silver stars didn't hurt either. She cuddled it in bed on Saturday night like it was a doll. :)

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