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    Default RE: So I found some links - Kerry:?

    The first pic: this is the suit that Shea absolutely hated - and it was a pain to get him into it, plus this suit did not hold him upright in the pool.

    The second pic: the "inner-tube" suit - loved it. It took Shea two outings to figure out how to keep upright in it. This is his "cannonball" suit - he jumps on in and then bobs back up to the surface - the joys of a daredevil little boy :)


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    raynjen Guest

    Default RE: What kind of life vest/flotation vest do you use?

    This is the kind of suit we bought our daughter
    (only we got the girl version)
    This one IS Coast Guard approved though they note that it is for still water (i.e. a calm lake/pool). Unlike the suit that the previous poster talked about this one has a zipper down the back to make the entering/exiting process much easier. The top of the zipper is fastened with a snap to keep it from opening accidentally. Unfortunately I can't tell you yet how well it works as it hasn't warmed up enough yet here. We should be able to post a review in 2-3 weeks.

    I too wanted something that would make my daughter 'pop' if she jumped/fell in the pool. At the on base pools they won't allow ANY flotation device that isn't Coast Guard approved so no kickboard, wings, rings, etc. Most of the lifejackets that we found for my daughter's size were incredibly cumbersome to put on/take off so we snapped this one up when we were visiting the states a couple of weeks ago.

    Jen in Okinawa
    Mom to Noelle (2 1/3)

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    Default RE: So I found some links - Kerry:?


    Can you tell me the link or where to find the second swimsuit? I think I like this more than the sweater design. I just want to get my daughter used to being in the pool and enjoying the water.


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