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    Default Good 'ol fashioned swing set?

    Hi all -

    OK, I haven't posted in a long time and am not even sure any of the toddler Moms are still here that where when my girls were born (was an avid poster then!) - or that they even qualify as toddlers but there are no Kids Bargains boards yet!. BUT I have a question about swing sets so this was the place for me to go!

    Now, here's my question: is it just NOT acceptable to buy plain 'ol swings any more? I've searched the postings and it seems like everyone either is willing to dedicate more of their backyard to their playset than I am OR I've missed the playset revolution and it has to be giant, wood towers, slides and swings or nothing(?).

    I have two girls and we just want swings. Is that not safe or not done anymore? We didn't want to spend $1000 - $2000 on a massive playset (would probably go up to $500), so I was looking at these swing sets. Anyone have any experience with them?

    (most we were looking at in terms of "other stuff"):

    Please make any other suggestions you may have for swing sets. Or, I legitimately mean please tell me if there is a more compelling reason to get the giant play sets. When we want something that massive, we simply go to the park.

    Thanks - and Hi to any of the old Moms from Baby Bargains '02 - '04 and Toddler Bargains shortly thereafter. :-)


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    Default RE: Good 'ol fashioned swing set?

    Well, I don't know about the rest of the world out there, but we were originally looking at the first swingset on your list, that later expanded to a cedarworks set that was getting ridiculously expensive for what we wanted. After a LOT of research and the construction of a fabulous playground in our town (many 100 of thousands of dollars), we decided to forgo the swingset/playset altogether. At home we are concentrating on things like soccer, t-ball, bikes, ect., and will go to the playground every day or every other day for the climbing/swing stuff.

    It was quite a decision and a wonderful relief when it was made. Sometimes I do feel guilty, but we love the playground (there is always a friend for DC) and I am able to buy as much of the other stuff for the yard as I want without thinking it's too much (stuff or $$).

    Hope that helps. I'm not sure what the rest of the world does, but that's us.

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    Default RE: Good 'ol fashioned swing set?

    I know how you feel. I'm also looking for a simple but safe swing set. I also found this one. it's a little more $. I don't know this manufacturer.

    here is another link with better pictures (but not free shipping)

    Have you heard of this brand?!



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