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    Chris Guest

    Default Are there toddler-proof trashcans they can't open?

    Hi all-

    Just posted this on the baby bargains message board but thought I'd try here. I'm in need of trashcans that my little one can't open. I bought some of the cans that are activated by the foot-petal, only to have Baby A discover that she can simply open the lid with her hand without having to use the foot pedal. I've called Bed Bath and Beyond to see if they have any suggestions-waiting to hear. Does anybody know of a trashcan that a toddler can't readily open? I just need to be able to shower without Baby A tearing the trash apart when in the bathroom with me. Setting the trashcan up on the counter has worked but I really don't care for this option long-term, obviously. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    luvbeinmama Guest

    Default RE: Are there toddler-proof trashcans they can't open?

    Gosh, I think I need to say--Good Luck! I just wrote this long thing about kitchen trashcans and then realized you were talking about bathroom trashcans! LOL! I suppose you could put it under the sink. I haven't found a solution to that one. I shower when DD is either 1) sleeping or 2) being watched by someone else. LOL!

    Sorry I can't really help, but let us know if you find something!

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    Default RE: Are there toddler-proof trashcans they can't open?

    We have our trash can sitting in the bathtub, but if you're tub and shower are one in the same that obviously won't work.

    I've been looking for a similar trash can for the kitchen, but have yet to find one.

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    kmty Guest

    Default RE: Are there toddler-proof trashcans they can't open?

    By the way, for the kitchen, we have a regular footpedal trashcan, but bought a Multi-Purpose Appliance Latch by Safety 1st which has adhesive to stick to the can.

    The round shape of our can has caused the latch to unstick once, but otherwise has stayed on well. Although now at 2 years, our son seems more likely to remember to latch it than we are, and we don't feel the need to use it anymore for him. :)

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    Default RE: Are there toddler-proof trashcans they can't open?

    My son was getting into the recycling trash can and I went to The Container store and found a small Galvanized trash can that locks (16.99) (it has a metal handal that goes over the top of the can and keeps it from opening).I have had it now for abot 2 months and so far my son hasn't been able to get into it. As for the Kitchen trash can I have yet to find a solution. Oh, I was only able to find this trash can at the Container store I checked other stores KMart, Walmart and Target and had no luck.Good Luck I hope you have a COntainer Store near you.

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    Kennedy Guest

    Default RE: Are there toddler-proof trashcans they can't open?

    I know this is an old post, but Google puts it a the top of a search for "toddler-proof trash can". There is a trash can at that I plan to try. However, it's $89...

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    Default RE: Are there toddler-proof trashcans they can't open?

    Hopefully the op found some solutions but I just thought I'd throw this out there:

    What about putting the can under under the sink (assuming you have cupboards) and putting latch locks on the cupboard doors?

    Or you could contain baby in a playpen just outside the bathroom door (makes for a cold shower though since you have to leave the bathroom door open lol.) This is actually what I did, but I was always home alone w/ds when I did it.

    For our kitchen we recently bought a tall can with the automatically opening lid. It uses batteries so you don't have to plug it in and it has an on-off switch. When you turn it off the sensor doesn't open or close the lid. You CAN open the lid manually but it's not super easy. I really like it but of course we've had to teach ds not to throw his toys in there because it didn't take him any time at all to figure out that you can just wave your hand over the front of the can (where the sensor is) and it opens. He's more fascinated w/it than anything. But if you need to, you can turn it "off" and it won't open automatically. We bought it at Costco and it was a steal at about $38. (I've seen the same type of can at Sharper Image & Target for $90-100.)



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