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    Default infant safety/toddler toys

    I'm trying to sort out how to handle the fact that my twins are now crawling and getting into everything, coupled with the fact it seems like the majority of my 2.5 year old's toys are choking hazzards or just something the babies shouldn't have access to. I haven't figured out a way to gate them off from DD's play area.

    The way the house is set up, the family room is pretty much full of DD's toys and that's where we spend out days. I am guessing I'll just have to put away a lot of DD's toys for a while, but I'm curious as to how other mothers of more than one handled this?

    Oh and I should add that my older DD has just started giving the babies her toys too.

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    Default RE: infant safety/toddler toys

    I have a 10 (almost 11 year old) and an 18 month old -
    the older toys are very tempting for DS!

    90% of my older son's toys are in his room - which I have trained him to keep closed at all times.

    It is very surprising, but older son and his friends LOVE to play with the baby toys!

    My suggestion is to put away all of the toys for your DD in her room - and tell her she can bring out one toy (activity) at a time - this way you can somewhat watch the little ones with the older toys.

    Pull out toys like the big mega blocks - DD will enjoy playing with them and the babies can chew on them without a major choking hazard.

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