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    Mia looks absolutely gorgeous in her baptism outfit - positively stunning!

    We completely flubbed up Noelle's baptism as it had to keep getting postponed (Daddy kept deploying to the war) until she had outgrown the family heirloom and every baptism gown available in town. We ended up putting her in her niceset dress, but it didn't lend itself to a baptism very well (blue and green plaid - maybe it would have worked if we were Scottish :))

    Jen in Okinawa
    Mom to Noelle (2 1/2)

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    Kimberly H Guest

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    Jen, thanks for the compliments and I'm loving the Scottish comment!

    We had to postpone Mia's baptism twice and I had a friend going to China for her 2nd daughter all ready to buy a bigger dress and bring it home in time. She *barely* fit into it (big rib cage, tiny dress) but it worked.

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    We had a big party for his first (30 people, bbq), but I was making a wedding cake the weekend of his second so no real party this time. Instead we had several small celebrations (dinner with aunts & uncles, ice cream with grandparents, that kind of thing) with important people in his life. In the end I think it worked out well. The big party thing may have been too much for him this year, and it would have been hard to cut down the list and leave people out. We celebrated on and off for two weeks, and it was fun. Seemed like every few days he was getting new toys instead of all at once, ending with his sandbox from his adopted grandparents. No toy outshadowed the other that way, and he spent a lot of days feeling pretty special.

    We already have plans for his third - a friend of DH's is a Seattle firefighter (drives the engine)and has invited us to have his party at the station. DS will be so excited, I can't wait!

    Thatcher Bennett 9/01
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