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    Default Ideas for 2 year old goody bags

    There are 16 kids in Lindsey's DC class, so I need some ideas for small, pretty cheap items for goody bags for her birthday.

    I know we normally just get a bunch of junk in these things, so I would rather have fewer items of better quality and less "junk." However, there are 16 kids, so I need to be budget minded.

    So far, I have:
    Ernie treat bags
    Snuff. "blowers"
    full size bubbles (they were $.33 each at the party store vs. 6/$3 for the half size bottles)
    Elmo fruit snacks
    Sidewalk chalk holders (2/$1 at Wal-Mart) and an extra bucket of chalk to bundle a piece with each holder

    I was thinking about Play-Doh, but the party sized containers are $4 for a set of 10. I did find some regular sized containers at Target 8/$2, but I thought the bags might be a bit heavy with the full sized bubbles and a full size Play-Doh.

    I feel like I should have at least one more item, and DH doesn't really like the sidewalk chalk holders, so I really need two more ideas. I have tons of ideas around $1-2, but multiply that by 16 and it becomes pricey.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default RE: Ideas for 2 year old goody bags

    I just bought a bag of 100 animals at the parent-teacher store. They are used for math counters. The bag my ds choose was wild animals. They also had dinosaurs, farm animals and different vehicles. The whole bag was $9. When we bought them I was thinking they would be great for party bags or to fill a pinata.
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    Default RE: Ideas for 2 year old goody bags


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    Default RE: Ideas for 2 year old goody bags

    A popular favor around here is cd's. You can normally get cd-r's free after rebate, or pretty darn cheap, these days. Just keep checking store flyers for their weekend deals. Radio Shack just had a 50 pack of cd-r's for free after rebate, but the offer ended june 1.
    Anyway, just take some of your child's favorite songs (perhaps from a sesame street cd, as that appears to be something of a theme you have going), and rip a mix onto a bunch of cd's. Print out cute cd covers, or just pop them in a case with a sesame street sticker on the front, and voila!

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    Default RE: Ideas for 2 year old goody bags

    Wow, it seems you already have great stuff in the goody bags... do you really need more than that? Don't go too crazy, since most goody toys get lost fairly quickly anyway. I think you're being really generous and will be a very popular mom!!!


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    Default RE: Ideas for 2 year old goody bags

    I second the idea of stickers. And I also put in toy sunglasses. These are always a big hit, and it's summertime too! Party City sells pretty cheap packets of stickers and I believe the sunglasses come in packs of 6 (or 8?). The only negative about the sunglasses is that they are pretty flimsy (ie they don't last forever), but they're fun while they last.


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    Default RE: Ideas for 2 year old goody bags

    temporary tattoos

    I'm planning my dd 2nd also and so far I have:

    mini activity pad
    inflatable beach balls

    I ordered from oriental trading company (



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    Default RE: Ideas for 2 year old goody bags

    I agree with the PP in that you have a lot of good things already assembled. We have gotten some junky goodie bags before. Your selection sounds great.

    I bought stretchy lizards at Target for DS's goodie boxes. They came 8 in a package for $1.99 I think. They were in the party section. last year, I bought the plastic animals from the teacher supply store and gave everyone 2 animals. Sunglasses are always a big hit...
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    Default RE: Ideas for 2 year old goody bags

    I think you have plenty. And I say this as a mom that has seen her kids get and give MANY goody bags. Don't overdo it. The other moms will be thankful.

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