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    Default RE: Birthday Party etiquette question

    Here's what I do. About once a year, I look ahead: How many 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, etc. b-day parties will I have in the next year? And I estimate based on the kids' friends.

    Then, I buy...

    1st birthday presents: Megablocks or pajamas and a goodnight story
    2nd birthday presents: swim towels (from Disney when they have sales )with pool toys
    3rd birthday presents: bath toys
    4th birthday presents: Word Chase board game (


    I get it all whenever I see it discounted and buy buy buy ahead.
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    Default RE: Birthday Party etiquette question

    I think that it's perfectly okay for you to spend $8-$10 per gift per child. Just spend whatever amount you can afford and are comfortable with. Board games are great. Target and Wal-mart have the 3 in one board games that are relatively cheap. Or a small toy and book would be great too. Just look for sales.

    I try to stock up on books and toys when they're on sale so I can use them as B-day gifts. It doesn't always work out because sometimes I don't have anything in the closet for a certain age and then I will have to go buy something else, but usually I end up saving some money if I buy ahead. Maybe you can try that next time you see a great deal.
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    I have really been stocking up on gifts for kids ahead of time lately. For instance, when had the great clearance awhile back, I bought tons of the Princess Dolls that wound up about 4-5 bucks each. I also hit the Target, TJ Maxx clearances and get gifts that can be multi-purpose.
    I think in our hugely consumer-driven, stuff-addicted country, cutting down on the expense and excess is important. The guy that created Beanie Babies did so when he was shopping for a child's gift, and thought it should be possible to buy one for $5-$6. I see no problem in even buying a few dollar store items: a coloring book, crayons, play dough, or bubbles, water toys, bucket and shovel. Kids seem to always love those! Keep it simple and cheap IMHO!

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    Personally, I would spend whatever you would normally spend for each child if they had separate parties.

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    I think you should feel good about spending $8-10 per birthday child! I have twins, and in all honesty I never think about what people spend when they give us gifts. I think the standard around here (outside Boston) is around $15. My kids are only three, so most of the parties they have gone to have been my friends' children's parties, where I have spent more.

    Stocking up, if possible, is a great idea I learned from these boards. I stocked up at B&'s 50% off board game sale earlier this year and bought 5 Classic Candy Land games and 5 Classic Chutes and Ladders games - they come in a nice tin. I think I got them for less than $5 each (normally $9.99). Look for things like this.

    You can also get a decent book for $8-10 - there is a great collection of Little Golden Book Stories (Animal Tales, Farm Tales, and Sleepytales - might be one more) bound into a nice book and edged with gold that is around $10at Barnes and Noble - this is good for younger children.

    For kids into Thomas, most of the trains are $10.99, but sometimes you can get them a little cheaper - even though one train may not seem like much, kids love them and to them it is a great gift!

    Melissa and Doug toys can often be found at Marshalls for under $10 - good for younger kids.

    My motto is, but as quality of a toy as you can within the budget and you'll never go wrong! Personally I'd rather have one $5 book in the house than $10 worth of junk from China!

    Good luck finding something fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbaray
    Personally, I would spend whatever you would normally spend for each child if they had separate parties.
    i agree. if you would spend $20 on each kid had their parties been months apart, then why not spend that same $20 each now. i don't see why timing (having to buy the gifts at the same time rather than spreading it through out the year) is a factor (either way you still spend the same total amount).

    if you are trying to cut back on spending and only want to spend $10 per child, that is fine. but that decision should be made regardless of the fact that it is a joint party. i still believe that it is the thought that counts so spend as much or as little as you like. a nice and thoughtful gift does not need to be expensive.

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    I am an Event Planner and mom. My opinion is spend how much you can afford, don't feel obligated to spend more. Get a book or small toy you love for your kids. I always buy a book from a local author, the book is less than $15, and is autographed here in Flagstaff.

    This is a link to the book: 0873589017|Only_One_You_:_Books&ref=tgt_adv_XSNG10 60

    Something you have unique to your area is always a nice gesture. Sometimes you find gifts in unexpected places. I buy my books in an X-mas store.


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