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    Default What would you do?

    Hello. I have a quick question. My daughter's birthday is coming up and I am curious to know what you would do. She wants to have a party with her friends from daycare. There is a total of 14 kids in her class. Of course some she is friends with and others she really isn't. Also, I must say that on her actual birthday, I will bring in treats for her class. However, I am curious to know what you would do in who should be invited to the party at our house. Would you invite her friends which would actually be all of the girls in the class and a few of the boys? Or would you invite everyone and figure that those who can/want to come will come and not worry about it?

    I really don't know why I am stressing over this because we are talking about three year olds. The parents that my husband and I know well would be those who would automatically be invited. It is the parents and children that we don't know or don't know well.

    I am curious about everyone's opinion. If we invited all of her class and the close friends with children my daughter's age, we are looking at possibly 18 kids plus parents.


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    Default RE: What would you do?

    I look at it as, how would you/your DD feel if you were not invited to the party (and you found out about it), but most of the class was? Feelings might be hurt. To stay on the PC side of things, you may want to just invite the entire class. Some parents can be petty about these things.

    On the other hand, if your daughter only has a few select friends, I would just invite them. However, if you are already inviting a large % of kids that are your DD's friends anyway, I don't think a few more would hurt. Just pray that RSVP with a "no."

    My dd had a party last year and I just invited everyone as to prevent hurt feelings. However, this year I am only inviting her close friends and those whose parties she was invited to.

    Good luck, it is a difficult decision.

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