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    Default Obstacle course & food for 4 yo bday party?

    I am renting a room at the park's gatehouse for DS' 4th bday, and I think we will have about a dozen kids.

    I know DS will not sit still for any kind of entertainer and he is not into party games like limbo or parachute rippling, so I just want to have different activities that the kids can run around to.

    So far I'm thinking inflatable climbing slide and ball pit. Are those feasible in an indoor space? And what 1 or 2 other things can I have? Am I just insane for wanting to do this?

    Now, for food, I want to do something other than pizza, but again, and I just making my life harder? Since we are just renting a room and not having it at a restaurant, I am not sure if I should do anything that needs to be kept warm. Again, am I just asking for a headache?

    Any suggestions much appreciated!

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    Default RE: Obstacle course & food for 4 yo bday party?

    I don't know if a climbing slide would fit in an indoor space. You can call around or surf the net and inquire as to the size of those things. I know that the smaller jumpers are 14ft in length and width.

    I just had my DD's 4th bday this past weekend, but we had it at our house. I opened both the kids' bedrooms to give the kids access to the toys. I also had a jumper and an entertainer. Personally, if I was to do it over again, I would have saved my $150 with the entertainer. Only the kids 4yrs old and up were interested--which meant 25% of my little guests. I think the ball pit and the climber would be ideal if you can fit those in.

    As for the food, I bought everything. Pizza Hut, Subway (for the adults) and I did hot dogs, only b/c I had a cousin who could grill them for me. Stick to kids' favorites here. It's easy and you're trying to please the kids, not the adults who will be in attendance. And trust me, even though I just bought the food, I was *plenty* stressed out still.

    HTH and GL!

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