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    webma Guest

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    A my gym is openning in my area. The ad mentions some sort of lifetime membership fee. I looked at the corp website but it doesn't mention a membership fee. Does anyone know what this is and is the fee on top of the cost for a specifc class?

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    vsmommy123 Guest

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    I took my DD there a few months ago. The lifetime membership fee is $30 for any/all of your kids, no big deal. My Gym didn't really work out for my DD but maybe we'll go back later.

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    TeresaJill Guest

    Default DD Loves My Gym

    I found the registration/membership fee to be annoying (in return, you get a t-shirt and a water bottle), but DD absolutely loves My Gym. It seems to be a great place for very active kids.

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    I can't stand the sign-up fees that places charge, it's ridiculous and just another way to get money from you. Adult gyms do it too.

    We signed up with a simliar program, which I like alot, but come on! $25 to punch my name in a PC?
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    elf Guest

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    Gymboree does the same thing.

    I took it philosophically - it's really just the same as a discount for taking more classes later.

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