Hi there,
My DS is 19 months old and goes to a fantastic sitter when I go to work PT. However, looking ahead, I want to put him in a preschool setting in the Fall. One preschool, Teddybear Treehouse, is having preregistration next week for the Fall! I also saw Discovery Isle and liked their program better. They are not having registration until sometime in the summer and no one was able to tell me specifically when it will be. Furthermore, they are not able to tell me at this time whether there will even be a spot for my son. Apparently, there are "roughly 30 names before mine on the waiting list." I am feeling so frustrated because I know I will be teaching next year part time and will need childcare.

If I wait for Discovery Isle, I risk not getting a spot there or Teddybear Treehouse. But should I "settle" for my second choice just because it is a guarantee but not necessarily the best for my little guy? DI is more expensive and a longer drive for me, but it is still my first choice because I feel it is a better program for my son. I feel now that inefficient people and procedures are making it impossible, or at least very difficult, for me to do so. I considered registering at TT as a safety, but they want a $250 nonrefundable deposit. I can't risk throwing that amount of money away.

So, if you have any dealings with either school, or suggestion as to how I should proceed, I would LOVE to hear from you and really appreciate your input in advance.