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    Default What goes on during your Gym class?

    I have been going to gymnastics with my DD for a few weeks and I am not that impressed. Here is what happens:

    First 3 or 4 minutes: The chldren sit on a little rug with their caregiver in a circle. The teacher goes through some stretches that none of the children do and are really to advanced for the kids in the class. No big deal, we touch our toes and giggle.

    Next 35 minutes. Free play kind of thing. There is a circuit set up on the big mat with, mini-tramp, tunnels, ramps etc.

    Last 5 minutes. The kids sit on the parachute and parents make waves. Then the kids sit under parachute and parents make waves.

    Yes, my DD loves it. But, I was just expecting a little more (for $13. a class.)

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    Default RE: What goes on during your Gym class?

    Jessica, the gymnastics class where I plan to start Mia in the fall is much more tumbling-oriented than your class sounds. Granted, the kids are tiny at 18+ months but the facility is a gym for competing teams and while the class is "fun", it's also geared to starting kids on the road to team.

    Yeesh, that sounds very stage mother and forced, but it's really not!

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    Default RE: What goes on during your Gym class?

    I just started ours last week, and it sounds fairly similar. The beginning and end are the same, but we divide the middle into a more structured session based on a certain skill- the first week was sliding, I think this week is rolling-and the second half is free play in a different area with lots of equipment. Truthfully, I'm not loving ours either. We did Music Together in the fall and winter, and I'm wishing we were doing it again. The gym class is fun, but it seems a bit chaotic, and I think he could get the same benefits at a good playground. Also, a friend who is a pediatrician is kind of against them-she sees a fair amount of injuries. My mom friend who is doing it with me loves it though, and she and her dd seem to prefer it to the music class- a matter of personal preference I guess!
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    Default RE: What goes on during your Gym class?

    Yours sounds exactly the same as ours except for one difference - most of the kids in our class participate. Most of the moms sit behind their kids and 'assist' with stretching (the teacher encourages the moms and dads to do the excercises too). During the obstacle course section the parent guides the child through each excercise. When we started (with a different teacher) it seemed more like a playgroup and, like you, I thought it was a waste of money. I switched instructors and couldn't be happier! We do have one parent who lets their preschooler run wild during the class and it makes it very difficult for the rest of us to keep our children on track. When she isn't there things tend to run a lot more smoothly.

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