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    Default How do you label your child's things.

    We just received our welcome letter from my DS's teacher for the fall. It said in the letter to mark everything like you are sending your child off to camp. Before I take a Sharpie to everything he owns are ther any cool/different ways to mark things? (Cloting, lunchbox, gym sneakers...)

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    Default RE: How do you label your child's things.

    Well I just use a Sharpie. :) I usually write on the tag (and initials are usually fine). I write her name inside her shoes.

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    Default RE: How do you label your child's things.

    Colorful Images (catalog company specializes in labels, checks, etc.) sells a self-inking stamp that is made specifically for clothing. You can find it here,1220,159424|1||fullPERS|L|abbrvert|L|nonext||non extsec|,00.html don't think it would work on the lunch box, but most everything else...

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    Default RE: How do you label your child's things.

    I was going to buy labels and tags from one of these 2 places:

    But then I started checking out e-bay and I found a seller for

    iron on labels: retailtherapy4you

    waterproof labels: mommyinmd

    bag tags: philw44

    I went to Office Depot and saw they had some kits for making your own iron on stuff or luggage tags or labels. I like doing this kind of stuff, but then thought of how many other projects I had on my plate. So ebay it was and I bought them today.

    DD had fun looking at all the different artwork and liked "choosing" her own things!

    HTH and Good Luck!

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