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    Default Bag for DD to take to her "2-day 2's" nursery school

    Hi -

    My DD is going to a "2-day twos" nursery school program this year (2 1/2 hours on two days a week), and they asked us to send a bag with them with a change of clothes, extra pull ups, etc. I'm not sure if they would send something home in her bag in the 2s program - I kind of doubt it. Their hand-drawn or painted pictures would be big and any important forms they'll hand to me, right?

    I'm trying to pick something that she'll learn to take with her and carry herself as she progresses in the year. Plus, I don't want it to become a nightmare of disorganization.

    So, for those in the know, what would you think about the options below?

    I like the Lilpack - the stuffed one that has compartments - would keep it easy for me and her teachers. Plus, she can carry it. The Curious George that we already own is adorable, but I'm a little nervous about everything just stuffed in there.

    Or, do you recommend something with more structure?

    Thx in advance!

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    Default RE: Bag for DD to take to her "2-day 2's" nursery school

    Honestly...our preschool prefers plain canvas totes(that can be customized for/by the child with fabric paint)with a gallon sized baggie to hold their emergency stuff. They like that type of bag because there are no snaps, buttons, zippers, etc and the opening is large enough to hold large pieces of artwork without too much folding. They also discourage brand name or character styled bags as the kids end up focusing too much on the new Pretty Pony bag and are slow to put their stuff away at the beginning of the day. I, too, wanted a really cute bag, but sometimes their artwork isn't dry and paint gets everywhere. The cute backpack is in the closet and she now takes along a $5 tote from Michaels. HTH!

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    Default RE: Bag for DD to take to her "2-day 2's" nursery school

    I agree with Rose. The way our preschool requested it was a canvas bag that stays there with a change of clothes (and I throw in a sweatshirt in case it gets cold). Then Dante has his own little backpack in which I place a straw sippy of water, a fist-sized Lovey, and sometimes a hat each morning. A diaper would easily fit in there as well. I like the backpack becuase it's made of a very light nylon which he can carry himself. He goes *everywhere* with this backpack now and it really helped him transition to school. Like Maeve, he's 24 months but very independant, and his school is from 9-1, 5 days a week.

    Here's a photo of his "backpackback" (as he says), although the one we have is blue.

    Good luck in school!

    Mama to Dante, 8/02

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    Default RE: Bag for DD to take to her "2-day 2's" nursery school

    Target has some really cute tiny backpacks in the purse section. They aren't like the usual 'purse backpacks,' though, they have small padded straps and a padded back, just like a big one. Perfect for toddlers! They come in pink/orange/turquoise (and one other color I think) with light grey trim.

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    Default RE: Bag for DD to take to her "2-day 2's" nursery school

    The Lilpack is cute, but is it washable? I'd worry about that. We either use a small tote or a little froggy backpack from Target. The backpack is adorable and just the right size for a toddler. It's made of backpack nylon, so it's washable. It doesn't have the same neat pockets as the Lilpack, though.
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    DeborahM Guest

    Default RE: Bag for DD to take to her "2-day 2's" nursery school

    OMG - that is sooo cute! Where did you get it?

    Mom to Thomas and baby Rachel

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    Default RE: Bag for DD to take to her "2-day 2's" nursery school

    Hi Deborah-
    Our babysitter picked it up for Dante but I think she got it at KDW here in Berlin, Germany. The character is Felix and is quite popular so my guess is he has probably made it to the States as well. I'd start with ebay and take it from there.

    Good luck!

    Mama to Dante, 8/02

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