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    Default Put DS back in home daycare?

    Ok, so this will probably be a long one....

    DS was going to a home daycare provider (same person) from the time he was 10 weeks old until he was 4. Our DD started there as well when she was 8 weeks (last summer). I had to switch both of them to a La Petite last winter, as I had changed jobs and had an hour commute in each direction, so we needed extended hours. My salary went up so the cost wasn't an issue. I'm now back working where I live again and DD has been back with our former provider for a good month now. I took a big paycut to come back to work where I live.

    We're saving $80/week for DD, having her back in home daycare, and the cost for DS is now going up. He's 4.5 yrs old and will start pre-K this fall. We're now going to be at $170/week (which, compared to some schools is cheap!).

    Our DS is a very shy kid who has blossomed at pre-school. He's got more friends, he has become more social and active, his speech and knowledge base has increased a lot. I know he likes it there a lot. We "sorta" like it. In the classes for the older kids there is yelling when they don't listen, our DS hangs out with a kid that is always getting into trouble. I don't like that. Not that you can control who your child hangs out with (only to a certain degree, I guess), but I'm not impressed with the occasional yelling that I have witnessed. Not saying I may not do hte same -- I just know I could not handle working at a daycare!

    So we're debating, to save $30/week we can put DS back in home daycare until next year when he starts K. (our elementary school does not offer pre-k). Money is tight but on the other hand, we'd be packing his lunch, which is free now at La Petite (well, included in teh price...). But it's still over $100 savings per month to go back to home daycare. Problem is that her pre-school curriculum isn't tailored to pre-k; more so preschool. But they do spend time doing arts/crafts, etc.

    Would it be selfish to put him back in home daycare so we can save some more money?? He knows his letters and numbers, the weather, starting ot learn how to read, etc. I think he'll be ready for K anyway, but since he's now used to his school.....? Alternatively, both DH and I work FT, but we can certainly commit to be working more with DS at home as well, to fill the gap.

    I called a Montessori school and they want $990/month (yeah, right, like I can do that!), but they were criticizing La Petite's curriculum when I spoke to the lady on the phone..... Unfortunately, that's the only thing we can afford with two kids in daycare, mortgage and 2 car payments.

    Any insight/ideas/discussion is appreciated.......

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Default RE: Put DS back in home daycare?

    It doesn't seem like a selfish decision at all. It sounds like you are also considering it because of his friends a the LaPetite and the yelling you have witnessed. I think that it sounds like he is on track for starting kindegarten when the time comes. I think you should do what makes most sense for your family even though he is use to his school know he will be familiar with the in home provider since he spent so much time with her. If you do pull him out of the preschool I would try to "make up" for it by making sure he has a little time to socialize with kids his age and maybe attending preschool type activities such as story groups on Sat so that he is used to that kind of environment for school.

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