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    Default I've been on a Disney Cruise!

    A few people akded ? about Disney cruises so i thought I'd post. We went last November with DH extended family (including 6 kids ranging in age from 8 mos (mine) to 8 years (my nephew).

    It was wonderful. In order to participate in the "kids club" the kids must be potty trained (and maybe 3?) but they also have group babysitting for those under 3. It was GREAT! my niece who threw a fit each night at dinner, went happily off to the babysitting rooma dn my SIL was able to eat a meal without chaisng her around the restaurant. You rotat restaurants each night, so the kids have different eye candy. There is also a grown ups only restaurant.

    There is a pool with a big waterslide that all kids could go in (with swimmy diapers) plus an adults only pool. Disney has it's own island with great kid friendly things to do.

    One of the things I really liked is the evening's entertainment is on closed circuit tv, so when I went back to my room with DS for the night, I could still watch the evening's show.

    There are characters all around (and a hotline so that you can know where to see them or how to avoid them if your little one is scared!)

    We were able to get cribs (pak n plays) and bedrails and the rooms were quite big for a cruise ship (and had bathtubs).

    I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a little one, we will definitely be going again.

    Any other quetions I'd be ahppy to answer deenas-s @ comcast. net (no spaces)

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    Default RE: I've been on a Disney Cruise!

    Hi, thanks for the report. DH and I also did a DCL cruise a few years before ds was born, so yes you can enjoy a Disney cruise sans children. It was quite fun. We want to take another DCL cruise after ds is potty trained. I do believe the age requirement for the kids clubs is at least three so it will have to be after that (who am I kidding, he probably won't be potty trained by then anyway, LOL). One question I did have though was about the pools - I was under the impression that no child still wearing diapers was allowed in the kiddy pool (the one that looks like Mickey Mouse) because of health concerns. Is this not the case? Or are the little ones that are potty trained still required to wear swim diapers just as a precaution? Do they use chlorine or chemicals in the kiddy pool? I know the big pools are not chlorinated as they use a natural purification process. Anyway, glad to hear you had a good time. I can't wait to go again!


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