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    Default Has anyone taken a toddler to Bermuda?

    I have never been to Bermuda and DH has suggested we go there with DS in May (he will be 22 months). Any thoughts?

    I am worried about a few things in particular, but would love any advice or information.

    DS is tough with transitions, so a nice hotel with good room service is key so we can stay in and eat the first night or two while he goes to bed at his normal time. He is really tough in restaurants.

    How do we get around the island? If there are rental cars I can just bring a car seat, but not sure what to do if we can only use public transportation.

    Is there enough to do that will keep a toddler entertained if it rains?

    MIL tells me there is no real water supply, so that I should bring bottled water. I think she was there a million years ago so nto sure what to think about that.

    Do we need passports since 9/11? That would take some doing to get those in time.

    Any other general info.advice re: Bermuda or traveling with a not-so-easy 22 month old will be much appreciated!

    Thanks! Kristen

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    Default RE: Has anyone taken a toddler to Bermuda?

    We have been to Bermuda and I would not take a toddler. Rental cars are few and far between. Everyone uses mopeds. Also, restaurants are more formal and expensive. Maybe if you rent a guest house type of room with a kitchen and buy some of your own food, it would work. You do not need bottled water. There is mostly beaches and then shopping to do on the island. Some museums and children activity places. A Bermuda website can tell you if you need a passport. We didn't but that was several years ago. There are so many better places to take toddlers. We have gone to Seabrook Island, Amelia Island, and Jamaica. The resorts in the states seem to do a better job with children unless you go to Atlantis or a Club Med or FDR Resort.

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    Default RE: Has anyone taken a toddler to Bermuda?

    My DH has had several week long business trips to Bermuda over the past 10 months, leaving me at home with the kids, now 2 1/2 & 10 months. I've opted NOT to go for several reasons:
    1) Flights are VERY expensive
    2) Mostly taxis - with 2 carseats? You must be kidding!
    3) Kids need passports - not so much to get into Bermuda, but to return to the States!
    4) Expensive & formal country (not casual attire)
    5) DH reports that he saw several families hanging out on the beach at the resort where he has stayed. But he didn't see what they had to do for meals, naps, etc. If I wanted to R&R with the kids at a beach, I wouldn't schlep to Bermuda!
    But, on the positive side, he said that it's very pretty there & the water is beautiful!


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    whyamiaguestuser Guest

    Default RE: Has anyone taken a toddler to Bermuda?

    Thanks for the input! We have started to think Disney or the southern coast is a good idea. We'll see...

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    Default RE: Has anyone taken a toddler to Bermuda?

    So, did you end up going to Bermuda??

    Despite my long list of strong negatives, I'm going to be headed there next week with both kids (1 & 3). Yes, I may be insane, but with my husband going on 2-3 week long trips there, it's really sucked being at home alone. Since his work is paying for hotel & my plane ticket, our expenses are the 3 year old's ticket (airfare has finally gone down in price) & food. And, the hotel said they can put a little microwave in our room! Yeah! I plan to pack lots of toddler friendly, microwaveable foods! I figure, there's a chance the trip might be a big mistake, this being the first "real" family vacation we'll take, but if it's going to suck, at least it'll suck in Bermuda, rather than in suburbia!!

    How I'm going to do the 2 kids, 2 Roundabouts & a small stroller plus our bags... I have no idea yet. Nonetheless, I'm eager to hear about your trip, if you went!!


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    Default RE: Has anyone taken a toddler to Bermuda?

    I am going to bermuda with a 6 month old in june...any input, hints, etc since you've done it would be greatly appreciated!


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