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    Hi all-
    I'm trying to plan a family vacation for next summer (July or August) sometime and wanted to see if any of you have any suggestions for places to go...we are not big "beach" people (FYI). In the last two summers, we've gone to Vermont and then to Colorado--both of which were wonderful. I have two sons that are 3 & 4 (17 mos. apart). It doesn't have to be a place with "tons" of activities but that you've experienced and really enjoyed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    Hi Alisa,

    What about the Northwest? Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, or Portland....all fabulous in July and August with a huge variety of activities for all ages. I know there is a travel book for Seattle that specifically addresses family travel/activities with kids. We lived in the Seattle area for three years and loved it! Have fun picking a vacation spot.

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    I have the same problem every year myself, always trying to come up with someplace different to go. I am not a big beach person myself, but I do enjoy outdoorsy kinds of things. If you liked Vermont, you may like New Hampshire (White Mountains area). I was amazed at all of the things to do there, and it is very pretty. There is Storyland there, an amusement park tailored just for preschoolers. (I don't think it is in any way cheesy either, as so many of these mini amusement parks can be). We also have been to Maine, in Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park. It's really quite nice up there, very relaxing.

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    One of my favorite vacations is Yellowstone/Grand Tetons/Jackson Hole. A good loop of those parks will take a week and there is so much to see. I have lived 3-6 hours away from that area for 12 years and I never get tired of it. We take relatives there all the time. The junior ranger stuff is fun for kids and if you do the morning/evening routine the animal viewing can't be beat. Plus it is cooler there in the summer. The only thing is that if you want to stay in Yellowstone, you would have to book now because they fill up. It is a little easier to get reservations in Jackson. The other option is a dude ranch outside of Jackson. You can ride horses every day and still go into Jackson to shop or ride the ski trams. I can't remember the name of the place my brother wrangled, but I have sent friends there and they loved it. If you want to know, email me. [email protected]
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    Thanks to all of you for your vacation ideas..they were all great suggestions...I will look into all of those options and see what I can find....thanks so much!


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