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    Default 3 y/o bday and Easter party? help!

    I'm really having trouble figuring out what to do for my dd's birthday party this year. She'll be turning 3, and we'll be doing the party on Easter Sunday. Why on Easter? Well, b/c dd really only has one close friend and we're having them over for dinner on Easter Sunday, so I figured might as well make it dd's birthday party too! So, I'm going to invite some of my friends (who like my dd, and whom my dd likes) as well, and then just have a nice big Easter dinner for everyone. Oh, and we'll be inviting some other friends who are 4, 5, and 6 y/o... but they won't be staying for the meal.

    Any suggestions for theme? Of course I'm sure my dd would love Dora for the theme. We did that last year, and it was nice. But do you guys have any creative ideas for a theme that helps coincide with Easter?

    Any suggestions for games to play? Easter related would be fun, but not necessary. It would need to be relevant to 3 year olds, but also fun for 4, 5, and 6 year olds. I'm wondering about a pinata (pull the string) with Easter treats inside.

    Should I serve the whole Easter dinner/lunch, and THEN do games with the kids and birthday cake? Or should I do the games & cake before the lunch/dinner? I'm trying to figure out the timing of all of this... especially with (of course) going to church in the morning... and working around kids who will get crankier as the day goes on and they don't get a nap. I have to take into account that not everyone will be there for the meal (b/c half my guests will be with their families for their Easter meal, though half will stay at my house for the meal).

    I'm trying to figure out the logistics of this, and I'm just feeling more confused! I would LOVE some input!


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    Default RE: 3 y/o bday and Easter party? help!

    I would try to do the party stuff first. Maybe an Easter Egg hunt? That would be fun for all the kids. As for a theme, maybe easter egg/bunny plates in pastel colors? And you don't necessarily need to put candy in the eggs, maybe miniature playdough/plastic animals that sort of thing?
    You could decorate with balloons too. :)

    hth! have fun! :)

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