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    Default Parafango body wrap safe while BF?

    I have a Spa gift certificate that I need to use up. Do you think it would be okay to do this body wrap to "treat cellulite and promote inch loss"? I absolutely do not exercise. Ever. And, I am now a lumpy post-partum size 16. :( But, I am only 20 lbs heavier than I was pre-pregnancy. It would be nice to take off some off the extra inches before the Christening... Or do you think I should just go for the Massage?

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    Default RE: Parafango body wrap safe while BF?

    Go for the massage. I had a friend do that and she said it was very uncomfortable and restricting. Also sorry to burst your bubble, it comes back. I would opt for the feeling good and relaxed. If you don't excercise, I urge you to start walking. Walk 1/2 a mile several times a week then up your mileage. That will help skim off some of those extra lbs, and will make you feel good too, not to mention it's easy to do!!!

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