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    Default can you all tell me how this forum works?

    I would love to join you for some support AND accountability. So will someone post a new thread for last week? is it sun-sat? mon-sun?

    I just joined Curves for Women on Monday and worked out the 3 times they recommend this week. It was awesome. I hope it really works. Supposedly you can see results working out for 30 min, 3 xs a week. Of course, I can't be a total cow and keep eating the triple chocolate cookies my evil husband mamde!

    Hope to get to know you all!

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    Default RE: can you all tell me how this forum works?

    Hi Joey, I have been a member at Curves for a year and a half now and it really does work. I also did their weight loss plan, which is basically the same as Atkins. I lost 70 pounds in 8 months and then I got pregnant. I kept going to Curves right up until delivery and I am sure that is part of what helped the delivery go so easily for me. I started back again at Curves at 3 weeks post partum, and except for last week when I was traveling I have been going 3 times a week again.

    You'll love it, it's easy to do and fun too. Or at least I think it is. :)

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    Default RE: can you all tell me how this forum works?


    Look for our little support posts on Monday when we share how we've done for the past week. We also give hints and tips.

    Congrats on joining Curves. I hear they have a great program. We'll see you on our posts tomorrow!

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