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    Default Pregnancy yoga video?

    Hello ladies I was wondering, which videos you would suggest to use during pregnancy in the field of yoga? Currently I am 4 months pregnant and a 9 month old at home! Can we say I never lost all my last prenancy weight :' At least I will get a prize another baby!

    Thank You
    Peter's mom

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    Default RE: Pregnancy yoga video?

    Hello, Peter's mom!

    I've never used the pregnancy videos myself, but you might want to check out this website:
    Click on the Shopping button, then go to Video/DVDs. The "YZ Premiere" button leads you to their "Postures for Pregnancy" video. Also if you click on the "Other" button, on page 2 there is a "Baby and Me" video designed to use with a newborn.

    I used to take classes at Yoga Zone in NYC, so the people in all the YZ videos used to be my instructors -- they are excellent yoga teachers! I think it's funny how they've gotten so big and commercial now. I have their Power Yoga video and it's pretty good (but I miss the real-life class -- I used to be so sweaty after it that I could actually wring out the sweat from my top afterwards!).

    I have to suggest though if you have never done yoga before to take a real-life beginner class at least once so someone can teach you proper form and breathing techniques -- it's just so much easier to learn that way since they often walk around and adjust your positioning to get it right. It will much enhance what you can get out of the videos. Yoga is such a great form of exercise. Have fun!

    (Hey, this is my first time post in this forum! I lurk here a lot though. :))

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    petersmom Guest

    Default RE: Pregnancy yoga video?

    Thank You!
    I'll have to check them out. Looking forward to something different.
    Peters Mom

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    1stTimeMummytoLorelai Guest

    Default RE: Pregnancy yoga video?

    I've been doing yoga since college and I am now almost 7 months pregnant. I would highly recommend it. I am pretty much negative pregnancy symptom free. Plus, if you're at all interested in natural childbirth-- my midwife says her yoga practicing patients usually do awesome in labor.

    I have three different videos. That way I don't get bored. I have Living Arts/Gaiam Prenatal Yoga (available at their website or at holistic/organic shops), The Method Prenatal Yoga which I think I got at Target, and one called Yoga for Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery which I got at a Motherhood Maternity store.

    Prenatal yoga classes are wonderful too because you get time to network with other mommies to be. If you can't find a prenatal yoga class in your area, you can ask an instructor of a regular yoga class to see if you could join and if they can modify the workout for your prenatal needs as they go along.

    Also Gaiam and The Method both have postpartum yoga tapes-- but I haven't tried those yet.

    This is just my personal opinion and experience, I'm not a medical professional or a yoga instructor or anything, but I hope this helps.

    1st Time Mummy to Be

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    celfsh Guest

    Default RE: Pregnancy yoga video?

    I used the Gaiam Prenatal Yoga tape when I was pregnant and liked it. It features 3 different women--one from each trimester--so you can see how to alter the poses as you get further along in your pregnancy. I had only done yoga once or twice before using this video and would recommend it to a beginner--the instructor is pretty easy to follow.

    HTH a little. Let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck!

    mom to olivia 9/25/02

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    mamahill Guest

    Default RE: Pregnancy yoga video?

    Oooh - I had this one too! I loved it and have lent it to several friends who also love it. Though maybe I should stop so it isn't worn out by the time I have #2...

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