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    I've avoided posting here because I wanted to get a couple weeks worth of workouts under my belt (or should I say ab flab) to make it more routine so I wouldn't check in and then check out. But anyway, I wanted to share that today I was doing a Firm workout and Ainsleigh has really begun to enjoy laughing at me while I'm working out (I would laugh at myself if I wasn't sweating so much). I've had to get out a stool for her as well because otherwise she tries to climb on mine. Well today she was standing next to her stool as I was warming up which included raising arms over my head and kicking my legs out to the side occasionally. I look over and there she is raising her arms and alternating kicking her legs out to the side. And the intense look on her face just sent me over the edge. I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud for fear she'd stop, but I finally couldn't contain myself. Anyway, it was the funniest thing she has done in a long time and it makes me want to work out even more now. Hey, whatever motivation I can get, I'll take!

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    That is too cute! Glad you found a workout buddy--LOL!

    mom to olivia 9/25/02

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    I am so jealous!!! I wish Anthony would workout with me! Tell her to keep up the cheerleading!!!

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    LOL. That must've been too cute. I wonder if Martie will do that with me too. My nephew used to do Tae Bo w/ my SIL.

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