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    Default Still 14 lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy


    My DS is 13 months old and I am still 14 lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy. I am still nursing and wondering if when I stop I will lose or gain weight? What happened to you? Is 14lbs up a year after giving birth a lot? Am just starting to exercise.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default RE: Still 14 lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy

    Don't stress out to much. The average nursing woman hangs onto 5 to 10 lbs of fat. Your body needs this fat to help produce milk. When I weaned at 9 months it wasn't an overnight loss either, for me (I stress the for me, each woman is different). You then have to get use to eating normal porportions. It took me a good month of cutting back to finally get use to it. But it's possible! Also if you are just starting to workout then you are right where you need to be! Good luck!

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