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    mharling Guest

    Default Does anyone else have fibroids?

    Just looking for others' experiences. I was diagnosed with two over two years a go. I had no problems conceiving, no problems during pregnancy and had a vaginal delivery. They haven't bothered me so I haven't worried about them.

    I had another U/S last week as part of my post-partum followup and now I have 4. The dr's office called this morning and my ob/gyn wants to have a consultation visit with me. Now I'm officially freaking out. I'm assuming that a consulation visit means 'what are we going to do to treat/remove them'.

    Anyone with experience here, please share your experience and calm my nerves! If you want to PM me instead, that's fine. I deliberately posted in MommyFit and not the Lounge. :)

    Mary & Lane 4/6/03 - New 9/8

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    Default RE: Does anyone else have fibroids?

    LOL! Over here in MommyFit, not the Lounge... :) Here is my experience, and from what I gather, usually these things aren't a big deal. They are pretty common and don't usually require surgery. I'm sure the consult is just to make you aware of what's going on, and maybe to discuss future family planning. :) It may be because they are growing now---I was told growth has to do with hormone fluctuations.

    I was diagnosed with fibroids (two) when I was 26 (7 years ago), pretty young age, so I was told. I also had no problems conceiving but my pregnancy was a little complicated (modified activity/bedrest for the first 5-6 months due to cramping and bleeding). I had been told that I might not be able to conceive, then carry to term. Once I hit 30 weeks in my pregnancy, it was pretty smooth sailing, delivered (induced) at 41 weeks vaginally.

    Anyway, my situation has been monitored, nothing else. I do have 3 now, they discovered 1 more when I was pregnant, and they have grown a bit (can't remember the size off the top of my head, but one made the tech say WHOA, that's a biggie.) My OB doesn't want to do anything with them, since we want to have more children, and thinks if she recommends removal more will grow back. There's still room in there for a baby to grow, just might be harder next time around for implantation since the fibroids have grown and when the fibroids get larger they take up more room and that's also what may cause premature labor. That's where my modified activity/bedrest came into effect. From what I understand, the placement of the growths is important in terms of how aggressively they treat them.

    I'm not sure if I've helped any. Try not to worry. Feel free to PM if you have any questions or just want to talk. I had to turn off the email here, since for some reason it doesn't work since the new boards debut.

    mommy to Kiki 4/18/03

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    mharling Guest

    Default RE: Does anyone else have fibroids?

    Thanks Jeannie. I did see my ob/gyn this morning. I'm going to PM you later.

    Mary & Lane 4/6/03 - New 9/8

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