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    peanut4us Guest

    Default Been done before, but I need input

    I need to a new workout video. I need it to be motivating and upbeat, something I'll want to do after a long day at work and after nutterbutter is in bed. But I can only afford to buy one video right now, DVD preferred. Per Annette's suggestion, I am going to get the collage video's catalog. But I am curious, if you all could pick just one of your video's which would be your favorite and why?

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    Annette_C Guest

    Default RE: Been done before, but I need input

    Gilad's Step Aerobics workout! You can check it out on (just type Gilad in the search box).
    I love the upbeat music and it gets your entire body moving. Step exercise is great for shaping legs and butt but this video has a short ab workout at the end that's really good!
    I fast forward to the beginning of the workout, do the warm up (I think it's 8-9 min), the step part is 37 min, the abs is 6.
    With this workout, you get a total body workout! Plus, I've owned this video for many years now and it's still a favorite!
    SAHM to Sabrina 6/24/02

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    celfsh Guest

    Default RE: Been done before, but I need input

    I only own one set of workout videos (The Firm), so I can't offer much input, but I did want to mention that an inexpensive way to try lots of different workout videos/DVDs is to check them out from your local library. I mentioned in another post that I recently checked out "Bellydancing for Fitness", and it's been a blast! Just a thought...

    mom to olivia 9/25/02

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