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    KimberleyDawn Guest

    Default 1st day went well!

    Water! Water! Water! I thought I was going to float away yesterday!
    I just wanted to thank all of you again for the support and I will get those pictures done!
    I did notice that I was really hungery at around 7pm which is the worst time to eat!! I had 2 glasses of water and I still wanted something so I had a clementine was fine.
    On to day 2....

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    mamahill Guest

    Default RE: 1st day went well!

    Fantastic Kim! Sometimes if I drink water and I'm still hungry, I drink a cup of milk, or have a cheese stick. The protein kick is usually just what I need. But a clementine is great too! Hip hip hooray for you - you CAN do this!!

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    flagger Guest

    Default RE: 1st day went well!

    Great for you. Think of all that extra exercise you are getting just getting up and down to go pee. :D

    I keep a 40 oz insulated mug by the computer filled up with plain tap water with no ice and just work on that throughout the day. Though my office is upstairs, I go to the half bath downstairs when nature calls.

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    Default RE: 1st day went well!

    Another person cheering you on Kim!! Good luck--love those clementines! :)

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    Annette_C Guest

    Default RE: 1st day went well!

    You're doing great, Kim!
    A little tip on the evening snack-attacks: if you pass up snacking in the evening when you have that little feeling of wanting something, that's when your body is losing weight! In fact, it's taking from the reserves! Knowing that bit of info gave me the strenght to pass up on my usual sweet reward in the evening.
    Having a piece of fruit is ok though.
    SAHM to Sabrina 6/24/02

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