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    Default Two questions about CD's

    1. What is the difference between bleached and unbleached CPF's? (other than the # of times you need to wash before first use and color)

    2. I just got my first FB in the mail, it looks so comfy, But also very warm. What do you do in the summer, cook your baby's bottom ??? :P


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    Default RE: Two questions about CD's

    Unbleached CPFs are made from unprocessed cotton, hence the need to wash them in VERY hot water, several times before use. Other than that, I find that my unbleached prefolds are much softer than my bleached ones. Some people say they find unbleached more absorbant than bleached, but I haven't really noticed that.

    FBs are comfy. As for them being hot, I guess your mileage may vary. We tend to keep our house fairly cool in the summer, so I don't think it will be a problem for us. If your house is warm at night, I might be concerned.

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    Default RE: Two questions about CD's

    Moving this thread up to the top. :-)

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