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    Default Upcoming New Pampers Diaper Disposal Product

    I just wanted to give Alan and Denise (and the rest of the boards) the scoop on an upcoming product called Pampers Tidy Tykes. I have been testing this product for their marketing department, so I presume they are planning on releasing it soon.

    Essentially this is a competitor for the Diaper Genie, the big thing being that you do NOT need to buy a diaper bin, only the 'refills'. The plastic in the can is sticky and has a special odor coating, so you can twist the ends together and it forms a seal. There is a cutting strip on the can you can use, then you throw the wrapped diaper directly into the garbage can. I was impressed at how well it actually kept in smells, even for my 100% solids-eating toddler. The 'refill' can is about the size of a 2 pound formula can.

    Pampers was suggesting a price of $4 per can, which is about $1 more than I usually can get a DG refill for. Since the DG bin itself can be purchased for $20 to $25, I think in the long run the DGs are cheaper, however I suspect these Tidy Tykes are going to be great for the car, travelling, Grandma's House, etc. since you don't have to lug the bin along. You can get where you are going, hop into the store and buy one small can.

    Unfortunately, as I was partway through the test the product was recalled. I guess someone dropped the can on a hard floor and a small plastic piece came out (choking hazard). I am pretty sure that once they get this fixed they will be releasing this on the market though. Something to look forward to!

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    Default RE: Upcoming New Pampers Diaper Disposal Product


    Thanks for using our message boards. And thanks for the heads up on that new product. Sounds very intriguing. We look forward to seeing it! Feel free to post again if you hear when it will be released.

    best wishes,

    alan and denise fields
    authors, BABY BARGAINS

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    Default RE: Upcoming New Pampers Diaper Disposal Product

    Any word on when this product will be out in stores? I am dying to find out more info about it. IT sounds just wonderful.

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    Default RE: Upcoming New Pampers Diaper Disposal Product

    Well the product is now called the Tidy Toss, and the recall issue has been fixed. Turns out the cutting device would fall out (causing a choking hazard) if the can was dropped on a hard surface.

    The beta tests are back in full swing but still no word on when this will be released to be public. I will let everyone know when I find out!

    I can certainly tell you anything you'd like to know about it if you have questions!

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