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    Default Need some answers...comparison shopping diapers!

    I am hoping someone (or a few of you!) will be able to come up with these answers...I want to be able to comparison shop for diapers (on a per diaper cost). My husband is able to order diapers by the case from his company but I want to find out if it's really worth it in the end, when taking into account paying shipping but not being able to use coupons, etc.

    Here's my many diapers are in the Huggies Supreme Mega Packs (sizes 1-4) and how many in the Pampers Baby Dry Mega Packs (also sizes 1-4).....I have a spreadsheet started and will post a master list when i have it complete....provided other parents might find this useful for comparison shopping.

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    Default RE: Need some answers...comparison shopping diapers!

    If you go to, they have most diaper brands for sale there in most of the packaging configurations. While their prices are terrible, you can get all your info on how many diapers are in what size package there.

    I wouldn't just limit yourself to the Mega packs. Sometimes the (smaller) Jumbo packs can be cheaper per diaper depending on the store. Also, don't forget the large cases that are sold at Costco/BJs/Sams Club and also at BRU and Target/Walmart. Diapers are one of the most oddly priced commodities out there.

    And Pampers BabyDry are more comparble to the Huggies Ultratrim line. Pampers Swaddlers/Cruisers are more comparable to the Huggies Supreme. Also, many people are very happy with cheaper diapers, like Luvs and store brands. It really is what works for your baby.

    I would be expecially cautious about buying very large packages of diapers before size 3. For example, my DD was in Newborns for almost two months. She was in size 1 for about 2 weeks (!!!) and then went to size 2. She was in 2's also for only a short time, maybe a couple months? She was in 3's for about 3-4 months. At about 8 months she went into size 4 and she has been wearing size 4 ever since (she's now almost 17 months).

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    Default RE: Need some answers...comparison shopping diapers!

    The other thing about buying a huge quantity of diapers before you have much experience with them is the possibility of not liking what you've bought. Then you're stuck with a lot of diapers that don't end up being such a great deal no matter how little you paid for them. The flip side of that being that you'll be changing a newborn A LOT, so using up "bad" diapers shouldn't take too long.

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    Default RE: Need some answers...comparison shopping diapers!

    I'd recommend going to your local Wal-Mart, BRU and Target and take notes on the counts and prices. I did that before Colin was born and found that each place sold packs with different counts. Also, the prices vary by store. I also wouldn't go crazy buying any one size or type until you know what works for you. We didn't use newborn size at all, used size 1 for about 6 weeks, and size 2 for 9 weeks (so far - but we'll be going up to size 3 very soon).

    The best deals I found were at BRU (with 15% off coupons) and Wal-Mart. But not everyone has found the same to be true!

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