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    Default "Rescued" Costco wipes = perfect for poopies!

    OK, so I vowed to wash my Costco wipes since they're made of "cloth" and they wash & dry beautifully (at least the first wash). I figured this way they're still disposable but I'll be getting more than one use out of 'em.

    DH only uses the disposable ones as opposed to the wonderful velour/sherpa cloth wipes so unfortunately he takes it upon himself to keep us plenny stocked with the Costco stuff. *Grrrr* But now I have two 14" stacks of clean, soft, freshly washed and fluffy "rescued" sposie wipes that I can't use fast enough....

    So I took the downstairs Costco wipes and hid them from DH, replacing them with a mini-stack of the "rescued" wipes + a spray bottle filled with wipes solution. This is just like our regular cloth wipes, except that DH can throw these wipes away, so they have been perfect for poopies! I suppose we could put them in a Sterilite container and keep them soaked but I hate wasting what I don't use. I generally only "rescue" them once b/c they get thinner and less soft with each wash, so that's why they're so great for poopies.

    So I guess I'm technically not saving the landfill but I'm just delaying filling it a little... :P

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    Default RE: "Rescued" Costco wipes = perfect for poopies!

    These are great for cleaning electronics off too! I use them to clean the tv's and computer screens in our house. :)
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