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    Default "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    Mamas, let's share what we do and how we like it!

    Type of Washer (toploader or frontloader): front

    Type of Water (e.g. hard, soft): Harder than hard

    How Often: used to be every other day, now about 3-4.

    Size of Load: Full load (about 15-20 dipes) we now CD parttime w/daycare and a DH who fell off the wagon :(

    Brand of Detergent: I'm now experimenting but was using Tide HE.

    Amt. of Detergent: about 1/2 cap

    The Routine: Hot Wash w/ 1/2 cap detergent & Cold Rinse; Hot Wash nothing added & Cold rinse

    Dry Routine: Everything in dryer on Medium for 45 mins.; hand dry in front of heater or in sun those that don't get dry; hang dry PUL covers. FB used to be hung dried but lately have been lazy and throw them in the dryer.

    Do you have "the Stink?": Yep, we get the stink.

    How do you resolve "the Stink?": Extra hot washes or a dab of bleach (shameful, eh?)

    Overall Satisfaction with Routine? (e.g. very satisfied, mostly satisfied, neutral, mostly unsatisfied, very unsatisfied): I am neutral mostly because I get satisfied and then we get stink and I don't know what exactly to do then. I dislike our washers (cannot see if we have suds) and the water sometimes doesn't get HOT!

    Any Additional Comments?:

    *Bonus Questions*
    Current Favorite Diaper: Eek! Little Caboose(?).
    Current Favorite Cover: Bummis SWW are still my fave "workhorse" but I am enjoying using some of our soakers I bought over the summer/fall.
    Juliet, mama to DS 10/03 & DS 11/06

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    Type of Washer : Top loading
    Type of Water : don't know
    How often: Every 2 days
    Size of load :15-20 dipes
    Brand of Detergent : Tide
    Wash Routine :
    - First cycle : Hot wash with 1/4-1/3 cap Tide (large load), cold rinse
    - Second hot wash (small load), no detergent. Cold rinse. (the small load gets the soap out)
    - Large hot wash and cold rinse.
    (I know, probably too many hot washes, but I am fearful of residual soap or grime!).

    Dry Routine: Everything in the dryer for 60mins on high.

    Stink : No stink because no hemp! Yay!
    How do you resolve stink : By getting rid of hemp.

    Overall Satisfaction - Satisfied.. would like to save water and do one less wash/rinse but too afraid to stop the extra wash/rinse cycle.

    Additional Comments:
    Fav diaper - SEx and Fleece pockets from apron strings. Of course, the long time favourite of a prefold (no cover) or a trifold prefold in small SP fleece still works great!

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    Age of baby (I think this is a relevant question -- differences between NB and toddler, etc ;) ): 8 months

    Type of washer: Frontloader, apartment-style stacked machines (dryer on top of washer)

    Type of water: hard.

    How often: We try for every 2-3 days, but sometimes let it go to 4 or 5 -- it's a problem at that point, because there are really too many for our washer, then. Need to resolve that issue, really; I'm working on it.

    Size of load: Full load of... not sure how many diapers. Slightly smaller than usual capacity in this washer, so it sometimes gets a bit overfull. :(

    Brand of detergent: liquid Purex (dye free, unscented variety)

    Amount of detergent: 1/3 to 1/2 what's called for on the label

    The routine: Cold presoak, hot wash with detergent, hot wash without detergent. (Used to be a simple second rinse, until we switched washing machines; this one has no automatic extra rinse, so we go for the full extra cycle unless there's a reason to hurry.)

    Dry routine: When I'm not lazy, I hang those covers that are included in the diaper laundry and pockets to dry, either in the kitchen (no vent, more space for drying rack) or in the bathroom (heating vent under the towel rack, but space for just a few things), and dry the rest in the dryer. When I'm lazy, everything goes in the dryer.

    "The Stink?": Not really. I've stripped his diapers before and need to do so again, but it's not too bad even so.

    Resolving "the Stink": I strip diapers, inserts, and doublers by running them in several washes of HOT water with the water level turned one below the actual amount of diapers in there, for added friction. I check for bubbles after letting it sit still in mid-cycle, but I admit that I don't wait for ALL the bubbles to gone. Most is good enough for me. I've heard you can boil diapers to strip them; once I figure out how, I'm going to try that (since they need it for the second time, and carving out time to strip them in the machine in shared facilities is a PITA).

    Overall satisfaction with routine? I'm satisfied. It works pretty well. The only thing I don't like too much is that our diaper pail is bigger than it needs to be, encouraging me and DH to put off doing the laundry a little longer than it should be when things get hectic. I want to get the mini-shower set up, which should make that less of a problem when it does happen (since really bad diapers will be cleaner in the pail).

    Bonus questions:
    Current favourite diaper: Premium Indian Prefolds, Snappied, at home. Snap-Ez pockets at night or out on the town.

    Current favourite cover: Still experimenting. We started with Proraps, which were all right but nothing special. Tried Prorap Colours, which fell apart and only fit a few weeks anyway. Went for a variet next: Bummis SIWW, Bumpy Days, Bumpy Nights, Bumpy Wool, and Motherease Airflow. The Bummis are very sturdy, but don't work well for my son's shape. The Bumpys (Day and Night) were my favourite for quite a while, but have started wicking badly lately, which didn't used to be a problem. It's a pity, because their shape is just right; this may be because he's outgrown his current size. Bumpy Wool was/is nice, but it either runs smaller than the Day/Nights or DH threw it in the diaper laundry and dryer, because he outgrew it well before the others. The ME Airflows still work, although he's outgrowing them now, but although they never leak and seem comfy enough I'm not thrilled with the fit, which is rather poofy. Have some wool and fleece covers on order now; hope they work better.

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    Age of baby: 12 months

    Type of washer: Frontloader, Kenmore HE3

    Type of water: relatively soft

    How often: Every 1.5 days

    Size of load: what will fit in two Diaper Dekors (not the plus); maybe 10-12 diapers plus cloth wipes and all the diaper stuffings?

    Brand of detergent: Liquid Era, Tide Powder, Calgon, Baking Soda all used; I'm thinking of trying some of the HE detergent next time I go to Sam's.

    Amount of detergent: Tide powder: half of the bottom line in the scooper plus up to the line of Baking Soda OR enough Era to cover the bottom of the dispenser plus a capful of Calgon. If I try the HE, I'll have to experiment with the amounts, but will probably use it with Calgon.

    The routine: Whitest White setting (Hot, long cycle with second cold rinse) with the detergent as stated above. Then Whitest White setting with no detergent. I'm experimenting with the second cycle being shorter, but still with hot water.

    ETA: I am experimenting with Tide HE right now. I tried doing my normal routine of detergent with Calgon, but with the HE detergent, using the Calgon just made it suds more. It looks like for my routine of two hot cycles with a second cold rinse, I need less than halfway to the lower line of the cap and no Calgon and the diaper seem to wash clean. I'd like to find some generic HE detergent, though, because Tide HE is pretty expensive.

    Dry routine: Throw in the dry on normal setting (59 minutes on medium heat), then hang anything that's not quite dry on the drying rack.

    "The Stink?": Not really too bad. I rinse her overnight diaper (which contains hemp, as does many of my diapers) with cold running water before tossing in the pail. None of the other hemp diapers (maybe because I'm not leaving her in them as long?) have the really strong ammonia smell.

    Resolving "the Stink": Using the Calgon on every other load has helped keep the stink away. Also having the second cycle with no detergent seems to help reduce build-up problems.

    Overall satisfaction with routine? I'm satisfied. It works
    pretty well. The only thing I would like is if I didn't have to do the second cycle, but at least water is cheap here and I have an HE machine, so it doesn't use quite as much water/electricity as it could. And it's not too difficult to push the buttons for a second cycle. It would also be nice to not have to use Calgon all the time, but at least it's an option I do have. :) (ETA: see above. It looks like when I use HE detergent, I don't always have to use Calgon. Bonus!)

    Bonus questions:
    Current favourite diaper: Benjamuffin Nightdreamer for nights. SEZ cotton pocket or Tykie fitted or Snapping Turtle fleece pocket (I don't have any other fleece pockets at the moment) for long day trips (all are breathable options).

    Current favourite cover: Aristocrat for night time. Diaper fairy soaker for trim wool cover. Nylon SEZ cover for when I need it really trim.


    Mother of Beautiful Kaya, Breastfed 11 months and counting

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    Age of baby: 2.5 year old toddler (not potty trained yet!)

    Type of washer: Kenmore Kingsize toploader

    Type of water: hard

    How often: every 2-3 days (ex. wash Monday night, Thursday night)

    Size of load: Approximately 18 diapers, some inserts, & cloth wipes.

    Brand of detergent: Tide Free liquid (no dyes or fragrance). I really used to like regular Tide, but for some reason the hard water combined with the ammonia in the diapers and the detergent fragrance was just overwhelming, even when they were clean. I prefer no scent now.

    Amount of detergent: 1/4 capful.

    The routine:
    1/2 cup baking soda in a cold rinse
    1/4 capful detergent in a long hot wash
    Downy ball with vinegar in a cold wash; extra rinse.
    Every other time I do the wash I add a 1-2 TB. of Downy Advanced fabric softener to the last rinse; this keeps my hemp fleece & wipes buttery soft!

    Dry routine:
    Pockets/AIO's and covers get hung up to dry. Everything else goes into the dryer on Hot for 60 minutes.

    "The Stink?": Knock on wood no! We do get stink if I use detergent with fragrance or if we skip that last wash/extra rinse.

    Resolving "the Stink": Wash with 1 capful of Sportwash, do pleanty of rinses till all soap bubbles are gone (usually an extra 2-3).

    Overall satisfaction with routine?: Pleased!

    Bonus questions:
    Current favourite diaper: SugarPeas Pea-Pod snap-in inserts.

    Current favourite cover: SugarPeas fleece or wool covers.
    Mama to "The Fantastic Four":
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    DS 09
    DD 12

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    AGES: 2 1/2 AND 11 WEEKS
    >Type of Washer (toploader or frontloader): TOP
    >Type of Water (e.g. hard, soft): DON'T KNOW
    >How Often: EVERY OTHER DAY
    >Size of Load: APPROX. 20 DIPES
    >Amt. of Detergent: about 1/4 cap (HE WASHER)>
    1 RINSE
    1 RINSE
    >Dry Routine: Everything in dryer on Medium for 60 mins + 20 EXTRA MINUTES FOR JB'S AND PF'S
    >Do you have "the Stink?": VERY RARELY
    >Overall Satisfaction with Routine: very satisfied
    >*Bonus Questions*
    >Current Favorite Diaper: Mammamades- these are great for us- even at night
    >Current Favorite Cover: Motherease pul (from eileen i think)

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    Couple of caveats: This is what happens when I wash the dipes, I think DH does it the same, but asking him makes him cranky!

    Age of baby: Almost 11mo! (CD since birth)

    Type of Washer : Kenmore HE3, just like Eileen's :)
    Type of Water : VERY soft, we have a water softener
    How often: Every 2-3 days
    Size of load :15-20 dipes
    Brand of Detergent : Tide HE or no detergent, just a scoop of baking soda and a few drops of tea tree oil. (I have been experimenting with the no detergent thing for hemp stink)

    Wash Routine : Whitest Whites cycle, prewash, long hot wash, extra rinse, rinses are cold with this cycle. (I often add an additional short hot wash, but I'm sure DH never does)

    Dry Routine: Everything in the dryer for 80 mins on high. This includes PUL covers and pockets, I'm way to lazy to hang dry, as is DH. Our Bummis SWW have been in use 7months this way, and still work great.

    Stink : Only with hemp, so really only with our nighttime LJs, JBs, and a few dipes.

    How do you resolve stink : Trying to get rid of hemp here, too, like Rashmi. I just need to figure out if the cottonbabies microfiber inserts are night-worthy.

    Overall Satisfaction: Neutral. I'd like to do all the diaper laundry myself, and get a real routine going. I'd also like to get rid of the stink!

    Additional Comments:
    Fav diaper: me-Valor Kids fitteds (I only have 3), DH-trifolded IPF in a Bummis SWW. Cover - me-LTK Ribby Wrap I knitted, DH- BSWW all the way!
    Mama to the Forrest Creature 3/04 and Baby Ber 4/07
    "All true wealth is biological" Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    Age of baby: 18 months

    Type of washer: toploader

    Type of water: hard, I think

    How often: right now, every night. Hopefully when I get all the new dipes I have coming we'll be able to wash every other day. But honestly, I'm a nut, I don't mind doing the laundry. :-)

    Size of load: depends on the day, but usually 8-10.

    Brand of detergent: recently switched to Cheer Free after the FB repelling fleece saga. I actually really like it!

    Amount of detergent: approx. 2 tablespoons, depending on how big the load is.

    The routine:
    Cold soak and prewash
    Hot wash with detergent and baking soda
    Either a hot or cold rinse and spin, depending on the suds

    Dry routine:
    FB's, AIO shells and covers get put on the drying rack. Everything else goes into the dryer. If I remember, I put the dryer on medium for a few minutes after everything is completely dry; I find that everything comes out softer than way.

    "The Stink?": Not really, thankfully. I was having a bit of a smell issue with the FBs being "fragrant," especially the nighttime one. But since I made the switch to Cheer Free, it's a lot better. I am happy to report that all my hemp is stink free, I've never had a problem with that. But maybe thats because I dry in the dryer until they are completely dry?

    Resolving "the Stink": I guess the switch to Cheer Free has helped. Once A week I do a mini strip with Calgon, they always come out smelling awesome after than.

    Overall satisfaction with routine?: It's working well so far!

    Bonus questions:
    Current favorite diaper: Not that I have all that many different kinds, but I'd say my FBs, my favorite fitted is a Mudpie.

    Current favorite cover: Bummis SWW for fit/cuteness, BRU nylon pull-ons for ease of use.

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    I'll answer twice, since I moved.

    For the first year, my routine was:

    Type of Washer (toploader or frontloader): top

    Type of Water (e.g. hard, soft): on the softer side (but not overly

    How Often: every 2-3 days

    Size of Load: 24 dipes when he was a newborn, less later

    Brand of Detergent: All F & C

    Amt. of Detergent: 1/3 cap

    The Routine: wash on cold with detergent, 1 wash on hot with no detergent

    Dry Routine: Dry everything

    Do you have "the Stink?": Never had it
    This was the perfect routine. Then we moved.

    Now, my DS is 18 months old, and is mostly potty trained (although he has one or two accidents/day, and some day he regresses, so he's in dipes sometimes and training pants others).

    Type of Washer (toploader or frontloader): top

    Type of Water (e.g. hard, soft): hard

    How Often: 5-7 days (but I rinse the pee out of the dipes when he wets)

    Size of Load: depends on the week

    Brand of Detergent: All F & C (but it doesn't work as well here as it
    did at my old house) I'm finishing up a bottle of Tide F & C, but
    I hate Tide, so I'm going to switch again. Tide works well, but
    even the F & C is less gentle on the skin. Weird.

    Amt. of Detergent: 1/2 cap

    The Routine: cold soak, hot wash with detergent, short cold wash with
    no detergent (I figure it's okay to use more water
    since I'm washing so much less often, and I think the
    soak helps them get really clean)

    Dry Routine: Dry everything

    Do you have "the Stink?": Had it once, so I did a few washes with no detergent, and then switched to Tide for a while. It got rid of the stink. I also started rinsing the pee dipes and training pants right away. That helped a lot. I'm not totally happy with my routine, since I'm a hard water newbie, but I'm slowly figuring it out.

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    Default RE: "THE" Comprehensive Diaper Wash Routine Thread

    Age of baby: 16 months

    Type of washer: Frontloader

    Type of water: relatively soft

    How often: usually every 3-4 days, but sometimes as long as a week

    Size of load: approximately 10 diapers plus wipes and stuffings

    Brand of detergent: liquid Tide HE, Calgon every other wash, sometimes vinegar and baking soda

    Amount of detergent: A tiny bit in the presoak cycle; 1/2 capful in the hot wash cycle

    The routine: Presoak in cold, then a hot long cycle with two cold rinses

    Dry routine: Throw it all in the dryer for about half an hour, then take out pockets and hang them up. Dry everything else for another 30-45 mintues.

    "The Stink?": Unfortunately, yes, especially if I wait more than 4 days to wash them.

    Resolving "the Stink": Calgon, vinegar and baking soda, and if all else fails, putting the stinkers in a bucket and dumping boiling water over them

    Overall satisfaction with routine? Neutral. I'm still working on a way to resolve the pee stink and the detergent fragrance stink.

    Bonus questions:
    Current favourite diaper: Snap-EZ!

    Current favourite cover: I only have two covers, both Angelwraps. I loved them at first but they are already falling apart after only a few months of use.

    Mommy to Annabelle Mae 9/8/03

    "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

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