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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Darn, i just ordered. Good thing it was only 2 to try. ;)

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    kthomp Guest

    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Too bad you missed the code Trish! Well, it probably would have only been like 25 cents anyways. ;) I think you'll really like them. You can use them for both Brig and Cadie's pockets! Mine shipped super fast too, I ordered them on Thursday night and they were here on Monday!

    Ok, I couldn't stop myself and I took some comparission pics.

    Here they are side by side. The MOE (size large) is on the left.

    Here's the MOE on top of the Cotton Babies to show the size difference.

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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Thanks for the picture, I have wanted to see a cottonbabies since they came out.

    I just wish Costco would start selling white towels instead of yellow. I am still going to have to use my yellow towels since they are only around $.65 a towel. Now if Costco would just start selling white then I would be all set.

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    todzwife Guest

    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread Katina is So aweseome to work with and her quality is TOP notch!

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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    This is copied from my other "Absorbancy Testing" thread. Just though it could stay with the insert info for future reference.

    I did an absorbancy test on the things I own, just to see how everything compares. I figured I'd post my results. For each thing, I tested 2 items and averaged the numbers (they were all very close). To test, I slowly poured water onto the item until it started dripping. I then hung it on a spaghetti drying rack, over bowl, until the dripping stopped. I poured the water from the bowl back into the measuring cup.

    Here are my results and subjective thoughts:

    Infant CPF: 12 oz
    Regular CPF: 14 oz
    Premium CPF: 19 oz
    Sugarpeas Size 1 Organic Cotton diaper only: 6.5 oz
    SP Snap in doubler: 3 oz
    SP Doubler: 5 oz
    Pampers Size 3: 32 oz

    med. night LJ for BB: 10 oz
    sm. JB: 4.5 oz
    med. JB: 5 oz
    Luke's Drawers Doubler: 6.5 oz
    Blue MF towel from Target: 8.5 oz
    White MF towel from Target: 8 oz
    Cottonbabies insert: 14.5 oz

    Subjectively, the prefolds soaked up the water the fastest. The hemp did the best job of spreading it around. The MF towels were both the slowest to soak and slowest to spread. The Pampers was actually the hardest to test, because it was slow to absorb the water, but kept on absorbing if I left it sit for a couple of minutes.

    I don't know why the color of the mf towel made a difference, but my white towels are much more staticy too.

    ETA: the LJ was a nighttime version. I only tested 1 Pampers so that I didn't have to throw 2 away.

    ETA: the Cottonbabies insert. They claimed 15 oz and I got 14.5 oz. Pretty darn close. The water pooled a bit before soaking in, so if DC pees super fast, it might be a problem.

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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Wendy at BB sewed up some medium LJs for my medium FBs. I have one day & 1 night LJ. The night LJ worked great overnight with a micro towel. The day works great too, even in a small FB (my DD is only 15 lbs, 4.5 mo old).

    I have BB but no LJs made for them. I've been using the towels but I seem to get a lot of leaks with them. I'm currently trying a prefold today so we'll see what happens.

    NH Mom to Cadi, born 9/28/04

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    kthomp Guest

    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Link to another thread that discussed inserts:

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    kel_seewhite Guest

    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    I have purchased my small and medium fb's and am due March 28th.

    I am trying to decide what inserts and it looks like the majority of you ladies do like the cotton babies. How many would you recommend getting and would I need to get anything else or would these be sufficient for both day and night (doubled when baby gets older)?

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    kthomp Guest

    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    I really like the Cotton Babies inserts. They would be a good money saver because you could use them snapped for the smalls and then move them on to the mediums and any other sizes you might use.

    How many small FB's do you have? We could give you a better estimate of how many to get if we knew that. ;)

    For night, I would recomend either two micro inserts or one cotton babies plus a Joey Bunz. I also really like the hemp fleece inserts from the Fuzzi Bunz store (, they have free shipping too.) But in the beginning, I think just the one micro insert should do it for both day and night, maybe just with an extra towel added for longer periods of time.

    If you do decide to order from Cotton Babies, use the code BESTDEAL for 5% off.

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    kel_seewhite Guest

    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Thanks Kerri

    I bought 22 small and 22 medium fuzzi bunz (I know alot I guess). I take it I won't need that many large? I am thinking that I should get around 15 large fb's at the most (what do you think)?

    Now when you say towel do you then fold up a towel and put it in front of the micro insert or behind (in the pocket right)? Your talking a tawel as mentioned above correct?

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