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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    22 isn't too many! if you have a big baby, he/she might outgrow the smalls pretty fast. but the mediums should last a loooooong time.

    i wouldn't get larges yet. larges still don't fit schuyler well and he is almost 2 years old. he can still squeeze into petite toddler sized FBs. (31.5 lbs and 36+ inches tall)
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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Ok, this is just my personal guess here, but if you're getting the cotton babies inserts, for 22 smalls I would order maybe 25 so that you had a few extra on hand for night. Hopefully those will last you your baby's whole time in FBs. Make sure to use that 5% off code when ordering! I would also get maybe two Joey Bunz hemp inserts (make sure you get them for a small/medium FB, they sell different sizes).

    I got my mircofiber towels at Target in the auto section (5 pack, 2 white and 3 blue). What I do is tri-fold them and put them over the other insert in the pocket. You could put it on top of the other insert or under it, it's your personal preference. Just make sure you put it into the pocket because the mircofiber will dry your baby's skin if it touches it directly.

    HTH! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Is there any way you could get a hold of a LJ daytime insert, large joey bunz, and Costo yellow microfiber towel? I'd love to find out how absorbant these are.

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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Ok so 25 of the cotton babies inserts and a few of the joey bunz hemp inserts (where is the best place to buy those)? Now what would be the purpose of the jb's inserts?

    So I should hold off on buying the large fb's now?

    I am still a little lost as to what the purpose of the microfiber towels are for if you have all of the above?

    Sorry for so many questions, I am trying to learn this system and there is really alot to "absorb" (no pun intended).

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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    Okay, I have used the following inserts:

    LJ nights for BB
    LJ nights for SEZ
    LJ days for SEZ
    SEZ HempFleece/BKT nights
    SEZ HempFleece/BKT days
    Microfiber towels (Target, mostly blue)
    Infant CPFs
    Infant IPFs
    MOE microfiber insert, Large
    MOE microfiber insert, Medium
    Fuzbaby/Little Beetles Hemp doubler
    A potpourri of other inserts, hemp or otherwise made by WAHMs

    Let's see...the LJ days are just not absorbent enough for Kaya. I definitely have to use them with two microfiber towels. The combo would not be enough for night. The LJ nights are much more absorbent; I can use them during the day, but I usually need to wrap them with a microfiber towel to make sure they reach the edges of the pockets. I think shrinkage makes them just a little on the narrow side, no matter which pocket I'm using.

    I'm currently using mostly SEZ Hemp/BKT inserts. After so many washes, they're now much more absorbent than initially. The nights one was used with a blue microfiber towel doubled in front and the combo was almost enough for last night in a fleece pocket. I'm trying it again tonight with a microfiber towel and a fuzbaby hemp doubler. I'll let you know if that combo is enough. For the day time, I can use the day insert with a microfiber towel and it lasts quite a long time. The night insert doesn't require a towel when I use it during the day. I used two of the day inserts folded lengthwise in a cover today, just to see how it would work. It lasted all afternoon and she was really dry when I changed her diaper (but the front insert was pretty wet and the back one was barely wet). I just put some microfleece on top of the inserts. The one thing I do like about these inserts is that I can use it like a hemp prefold and either trifold or bifold (depending on night or day insert) them into a cover. Easy peasy with good absorbency.

    During the day I can get by with a microfiber towel wrapped in an infant prefold, but it only lasts about 2 hours, depending on how much Kaya has recently drunk. The IPFs are more absorbent, but bulkier.

    I don't like the MOE inserts because they're just not as flexible as the microfiber towels for getting to the edges, or wrapping around another insert. Plus they seem kind of stiff (they're not, but maybe it's the bulkiness?) But that's just personal dislike.

    I've recently taken to adding the Little Beetles/Fuzbaby Hemp insert (they look the same to me) to my prefolds or tucking under other doublers in fitted diapers to increase the absorbency. As mentioned above, I'm tucking one in with the microfiber towel and the SEZ insert to see if they last the night in her Snapping Turtles fleece pocket. I like these doublers because they're not too big or bulky, so I can tuck it mostly in the front and it's not too bad, but it adds the absorbency she needs.


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    Default RE: "The" Comprehensive Pocket Inserts Thread

    I recomended the Joey Bunz because they are a good hemp insert, very trim. They are also great for night when used in addition to another insert, without adding too much bulk. I don't think cotton babies sells them if I remember correctly. You could try either or Both have free shipping and great customer service! Of course, you don't have to get those, it was just a suggestion. :)

    I would really hold off on the larges. Some babies never fit into them, my DD is 18 months and she fits perfectly into the petite toddler size on the tightest snaps. I think it would really be best to wait and see how your baby grows and what your personal peferences are.

    The purpose of the micro towels is too add extra absorbancy. You might not need that in the beginning stages. For night you might be able to get away with one insert and one tri-folded towel. Right now, I stuff DD's daytime FBs with one cotton babies or MOE insert with one tri-folded towel over it. That allows me to go a little longer between changes, and it makes the diaper more absorbant.

    Don't feel bad about all the questions! Thats what we're here for! ;)

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